Anglo- American plot behind Kashmir

Hinduism has grown intellectually lazy. It has been reduced to a feeble response to all threats, that is, a kind of pretense that all is well. Maria Wirth observed in her blog

Anglo- American plot behind Kashmir

Maria Wirth pointed out that the Christian agenda in India is well-thought out and put into operation. She wrote: “This clout is reflected even in the Indian media and politics. Just observe how mainstream media report on minorities. I can’t help feeling that there is a clever Public Relation strategy behind the scenes. In contrast, Hinduism clearly has no PR strategy. “Truth will triumph,” is the motto here, never mind if it takes ages.”

Hinduism has grown intellectually lazy. It has been reduced to a feeble response to all threats, that is, a kind of pretense that all is well. Maria Wirth observed in her blog:

“Debates on religious issues were common in ancient India and were of the highest order. Women also took part in those debates, which are recorded in the Upanishads. Adi Shankara challenged the Buddhists in debates. Yet today there is not much discussion on religion or philosophy. One reason may be that a part of the intellectual class in India has been influenced by the British to such an extent that they adopted the view that Hinduism is primitive without ever reading any of the ancient scriptures. It is a small but influential group that is ever ready to defend the minority religions.”

Rajeev Malhotra has expressed similar concerns of the failure of Hindus to engage the Muslims and Christian in theological debates. A retired businessman in the IT business, Malhotra has folded up his businesses and has embarked on a mission to confront the Islamic and Christian propaganda unleashed against Hinduism and Hindu society. He is not afraid of open debates and has challenged his opponents that “I will debate with you anywhere, anytime.” Interestingly, most of the anti-Hindu propagandists have backed down, knowing that in any debate with Malhotra they would be defeated.

As early as 1956 a vile propaganda against the religion of the majority is being systematically and deliberately carried out. A seven-man committee led by a former Chief Justice of the High Court found that “evangelization in India appears to be part of a uniform world policy to revive Christendom, to re-stablish Western supremacy and is prompted not by spiritual motives. The objective is to disrupt the solidarity of the non-Christian societies, with danger to the security of the State.” 

The report continued: “Enormous sums of foreign money flow into the country, and it is out of such funds that the Lutherans and other proselytizing agencies were able to secure nearly four thousand converts. Missions are in some places used to serve extra-religious ends. As conversion muddles the convert’s sense of solidarity with his society there is a danger of his loyalty to his country being undermined.”

After 200 years of British rule India had less than 1% Christians in 1947 when the country gained its independence. Now, it has 30 million or 3% -11 million Protestants and 17 million Roman Catholics, despite more than 40,000 missionaries working through charities and media channels. Mother Theresa who was given rock star-  status has passed on and her Mission of Charity is limping along.

Christianity is not about saving souls but about economic and political domination. The conversion strategy is a soft approach that does not rule out the use of arms which has been very much active throughout the ages. Waging proxy wars against countries has been the modus operandi of the US and its allies.

Chester Bowles, a former US Ambassador in the 1950s, revealed the Anglo American operation in Kashmir as “the American forward military outpost in Central Asia.”

Bowles revealed that the Americans were active in the assault on Kashmir by tribesmen in 1947 immediately following independence. The book also told the story of the British Police and Military Forces being employed in the pre-Independence campaigns to suppress Kashmiri nationalism.

The Americans and their allies are in decline. Fifty percent of the world trade and 70% of the global population is concentrated in the east. The Russians, Indians and Chinese are on the ascendance and truly don’t need the west which is fast becoming the new third world.

The globe is no longer uni-polar with the US as a big bad police bullying small nations. That era is fast receding and the US and its allies must wake up to that reality. How long can the US use the UN as its handmaiden to drive its foreign policies? With the growth of social media, information and data are available 24/7. Today the world is much more informed about facts from fiction. It is not solely the news networks bringing news to our homes. Where information is concerned a tremendous amount of leveling of the playing field has been achieved.

The world has grown immune to propaganda by BBC, CNN and FOX News. Oxford and Harvard are no longer the epicenter of learning. Everything is being questioned today. The era of dropping atomic bomb is something of the past. And could you imagine that an American drone was shot down by Iran, and President Trump turned a blind eye!