Those angry Kenyan students are being misled about the greatness of Gandhi’s contribution to humanity. Confused socialists such as author Arundhati Roy are misinformed and ignorant about Gandhi’s contributions.


As I have said previously, political and philosophical consciousness develops through a ‘meandering process’ just as a river meanders through mountains and valleys but eventually reaches the ocean, so too the human mind develops through making many turns, bends, and “ups and downs.” Eventually, the individual political leaders, through determined hard work, continued self-evaluation and self-correction reaches enlightenment or Nirvana. Neither Gandhi nor any political leader in history was perfect. They all made mistakes. The true greatness of a man lay not in the fact that he made mistakes, but that he recognized his mistakes and was willing to correct his mistakes. Gandhi was someone who always improved himself through a process of self-evaluation and self-correction. He made mistakes concerning lower caste Indians, but he corrected himself. He was often berated by upper caste Hindus for including lower caste Hindus as equals, in the independence struggles. Gandhi stood steadfastly in his position that all humans should be treated equally. Gandhi said: “I claim to be a simple individual liable to error like any other fellow mortal. I, own, however that I have humility enough in me to confess my errors, to re-trace my steps.” This is why Gandhi became the Mahatma.

We must not judge leaders or people by the mistakes they have made. We are not born perfect. We are not Gods. We are imperfect. All humans have to go through an enlightenment process of learning and re-learning. Some of us may succeed. Others may not succeed. Leaders have to be judged by their overall contribution to society and human development. President Lincoln stated that his first commitment was to preserve the Union of the United States and not the freedom of the slaves. However, he still has to be credited with giving the slaves their freedom. At the point of emancipation, the slaves received literally their new birth certificate to live as free men.  If President Lincoln did not free the slaves, would Mr. Obama become President of the United States? President Johnson, in his ignorance, often referred to black Americans as “niggers.” However, he championed Black Civil Rights by passing the landmark 1964 Civil Rights Act, which gave many protections to Blacks. The United States made many mistakes in its history by mistreating black Americans. However, there is no country in the world where black people have gained as much as they have, as in the U.S. in the last 50 years.   

 If we are to focus only on the few wrongs of an individual, and not his overall achievements, then there would be no great leaders to admire. Almost all the founding fathers of the United Stated owned slaves. However, these people created one of the greatest countries in the world. Throughout the world Gandhi is revered not for the mistakes he made, but for his contributions to all mankind. Gandhi is the symbol of peace and non-violence throughout the world. The American civil leader Martin Luther King often quoted Gandhi to legitimize his struggles. After the fall of the Soviet Empire and communism, the East Europeans often quoted Gandhi to legitimize their demands for Democracy. Gandhi wrote to Adolf Hitler to find peaceful solutions for Europe’s problems. When Gandhi returned to India, he remained in contact with leaders of the South African National Congress-ANC. Some people have said that Gandhi had a hand in the formation of the ANC.  Professor Ramachandra Guha often speaks of Gandhi’s support of the ANC. Professor Ramachandra lists 10 reasons why Gandhi is still relevant in today’s world. Anyone can Google Professor Ramachandra Guha’s list.


 Those angry Kenyan students are being misled about the greatness of Gandhi’s contribution to humanity. Confused socialists such as author Arundhati Roy are misinformed and ignorant about Gandhi’s contributions. In her one-sided interpretation of Gandhi’s work, she prefers to deal with the few mistakes Gandhi made in regards to India’s lower caste. The lower caste leader Mr. Ambedkar became allies with Gandhi. However, Ms. Arundhati Roy failed to credit Gandhi for correcting his mistakes. She prefers to luxuriate in her extreme narrow views about Gandhi, while she dreams for a resurrection of the failed Soviet Empire. Even today, the socialists don’t condemn the brutalities of socialist leaders in the former Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Zimbabwe, and North Korea.  

 The socialists prefer to constantly highlight India’s failings, rather than to see the positive changes that India has made, while governing “ONE BILLION PEOPLE” under a DEMOCRATIC government. When Indians and especially Hindus are attacked all over the world such as in: Africa, Fijis, Europe, and even in India, the socialists such as Ms. Arundhati Roy keep quiet. In the Vedas, we learn about Adharma and Dharma. Adharma is when we take the wrong path to living. It causes us to make mistakes. Dharma is when we take the path to righteousness. Occasionally, Gandhi made mistakes. However, he always corrected his mistakes, and turned to the Dharmic path of righteousness.


Please Google Gandhi Quotes.Gandhi said, “Freedom is not worth having, if it does not connote freedom to error.”

 Gandhiji today represents INDIAN EXCEPTIONALISM at its BEST.

Gandhi is the MAHATMA


Vande Mataram.               

 Note. Most Trinidadians of Gandhi generation were British educated and saw themselves as British. Trinidadians were somewhat de–lactified by the Black Power Movement and Bhadase Sagan Maraj.