Hindus must unite and fight douglarisation and conversion

Bhasdase Maraj had said: “If not for the in-fighting I can defeat the enemies with one hand tied behind my back.”   Bhadase Maraj was the founder of the People’s Democratic Party, first Opposition Leader and President and founder of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha.

Hindus must unite and fight douglarisation and conversion

Photo : Bhadase Maharaj

Bhasdase Maraj had said: “If not for the in-fighting I can defeat the enemies with one hand tied behind my back.”  

Bhadase Maraj was the founder of the People’s Democratic Party, first Opposition Leader and President and founder of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha.

Bhadase had his share of enemies within the Indian community and outside. Led by Kamal Mohammed, many Muslims opted to support the PNM to ensure that a Hindu doesn’t become the first Prime Minister of an independent Trinidad and Tobago.  Errol Mahabir was the face of the Presbyterian converts in the PNM. Chunilal Saith represented the disenchanted Arya Samajists who gravitated to the PNM for shelter and there were always the mercenary Hindus, a group who are always in a state of perpetual hunger.

Throughout history, Indian society has been plagued by internal struggles. Most times our leaders and aspiring leaders (upstarts) put their personal interest first. History has taught us that when leaders do so, the entire nation suffers. This was well demonstrated by the leadership of Rudranath Capildeo. Though a brilliant scientist and Mathematician, Dr Capildeo was a failure as a politician. He did not take official leave from the University of London where he was a lecturer and would return to London to continue his work. From London he directed the Opposition and without a clear leader in Parliament the DLP was divided and weakened. Not surprisingly the DLP lost the General Elections in 1966 with the party splintering into the SDLP and by 1970 it was limping to its graveyard. In 1976 when Basdeo Panday came to Parliament and took the post of Opposition Leader Dr Eric Williams remarked: “I now have an Opposition Leader.”

Ravana, the antagonist in the epic Ramayana, was an individual who was highly self-cantered. Unconcerned about the consequences of his action Ravana kidnapped Sita and kept her in captivity. It was only when the war started and his lieutenants were dying that he sent for his brother Kumkaran. Unaware of what was happening around him because he was engrossed in the pleasures of the world, Kumkaran rebuked his brother for his selfish action.

Mercenaries are hired killers with loyalty to anyone who can hire and pay for their services. In ancient India the invaders could not have conquered kingdoms without the help of Indian mercenaries. Stretched along the foothills of the Himalaya the tribal population had no sense of nationhood. Absorbed in their survival, they willingly sold their services to invading marauding armies of bandits, looters and plunderers. Throughout the history of India there were always Indian mercenaries that sided with the enemies for personal benefits.

Has this mercenary culture of Indians changed? Today it is still seen in the many Indians who support the PNM and the PNC in Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana respectively. Without the Sridath Ramphals and the Gowkaran Sharmas the PNC rule that discriminated and persecuted Indians would have had no legitimacy. In Trinidad and Tobago the Seukarans and the Sinanans continue to provide that mercenary support to the PNM  (for personal gains).The PNM recognised those few Indians and upheld them as fair treatment of Indians and equal opportunities for all while large areas of this country with predominantly Indians go without water for  entire weekends. So long as the Seukarans and the Sinanans have water in their taps everything is going well in T&T.

History has also taught us that when Hindus are united we can defeat our enemies. Chanakya, a Brahmin and teacher at Taxilla University in Pataliputra, Uttar Pradesh (500BC) mobilized the resistance against the Greeks and after defeating them established the first Indian Empire under the leadership of Chandragupta Mauraya. The vision of Chanakya made India a strong and united country. More so, Indian influence expanded to Afghanistan, Indonesia and other parts of the Far East. The Hindu way of life was also carried to those distant parts along with goods and services.

Armatya Sen, Nobel Laurette, has written The Argumentative Indian, a series of essays highlighting the pluralistic views of Indian society. Such pluralism and diversity of views are certainly welcome. Nevertheless, we have found over the years that Indian society has taken pluralism to its extreme where even life threatening ideologies and personalities have rights. It is common to hear fellow Hindus defending as ‘rights to free speech’ insults hauled against Hindu gods and goddesses.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh (1780-1839) ruled the Punjab for 40 years. His pluralism provided him with the wisdom to hire Muslims, Italians, Frenchmen and Americans in his army. However, he was wise not to put them in the highest decision making positions.  Even pluralism must have its limits. Unfortunately, Hindus have been indoctrinated to accept insults as tolerance but are quick to assault Hindus when they exercise aggression in defending their rights and freedoms!

How do Indians deal with monolithic ideologies such as Christianity, Islam and Communism? These ideologies are the major enemies confronting Hindu society that Hindus have to come to terms with today. We cannot continue to fool ourselves that these exclusivist ideologies have within them values that respect your right to live and strive as Hindus.

Hindu society must fight conversion to Islam and Christianity. These are fundamentalist belief systems that breed conflict. Many of our religious leaders speak of religious tolerance in T&T. This is not so because pastors and imams continue to convert Hindus. In the Chaguanas district there are (Indian) Muslims leaders who approach non-Muslim, inviting them to accept Islam. Also, Christian churches are active through their missionaries who banged at every home with a jhandi to peddle their gospel of bigotry and intolerance.

Hindus must unite to fight the evils of conversion.  Conversion is violence. It is an extreme expression of intolerance. It despises your cultural heritage and way of life that your fore parents have handed down. Therefore, it is the Hindu right to defend his heritage from attacks by religious bigots.

Within our families we embrace converts. This is absolutely wrong. Mahatma Gandhi knew the dangers of conversion and remarked that every convert is an enemy of India. Gandhi was intolerant of one of his sons converting to Islam. The son soon regretted his actions and was returned to the Hindu faith by shuddi or purification rites performed by the Arya Samaj.

Douglarisation is another ideology that Hindus must guard against. Individuals should be free to marry any person of their choice. However, we are seeing the active participation of the government and advertising agencies promoting Indian females while marginalising the Indian males in ads. This promotion of Indian female and African male as the norm is a direct threat to the racial identity of the Indians. Has a survey been done to establish if Indians are interested in the product called douglars?

It is the Hindu right to perpetuate his species. To accept douglarisation is to embrace genocide or destruction of one race. There are already endangered groups in T&T such as the First People who have been the victim of Christian genocide and intolerance. Hindus must never allow themselves to be decimated and erased totally, becoming a footnote in history books.

Hindus must unite today to save their culture and racial identity. This goal can only be achieved by eschewing the intolerant and exclusivist ideologies of Islam and Christianity. Also, we must be aware of those Hindus who, blinded by greed and cursed by hunger, hire themselves as mercenaries to the PNM to destroy their Hindu society. We must know who they are and enlighten them.