Modi is a servant of India

Modi is a servant of India
Photo : Narendra Modi

“The RSS is viewed as contentious,” said Dr Kumar Mahabir. He was speaking at the forum Modi: The Man, His Mission, His Politics sponsored by held on Sunday June 23, 2019 at the Conference Room. Xtra Foods Commercial Building, Chaguanas.

A member of the audience challenged his statement. “It is not my opinion, it is the perception of the West and other enemies within and without India,” Dr Kumar responded. Dr Vishnu Bisram, a member panel contended that such a perception is propaganda and “the RSS is a mainstream organization working for the upliftment of India.”

The other panelists were Dr Kirk Meighoo and Naveen Khatri. A businessman living in Trinidad for the past forty years, Khatri said that Modi is dedicated to the welfare of India. “Modi will always ask of other “What can you give to Mother India? She has nothing to give you in return.” All panelist agreed that the spirit of putting nation and people is the hall mark of Modi’s character.

Vishnu Bishram contended that Modi was first a pracharack or volunteer working in the villages. His commitment to his work was observed by the leaders of the RSS and he was invited to serve in politics. “One month after becoming Chief Minister of Gujarat, the Godra riot took place where  more than 1,000, mainly Muslims, were killed. “Prime Minister Vajpayee demanded Modi’s resignation.  Lal Advani intervened and got Modi to continue in office,” said Dr Bishram.

Modi went on to make Gujarat the most prosperous state in India. “The entire India was looking on and there was a strong desire to replace Manmohan Singh. Modi is the first Prime Minister outside the Congress to be elected a second term with a clear majority,” said Dr Bisram.

Kirk Meighoo questioned Modi’s need for approval from the West. “It is clear. The West is anti-Modi.” After the Godra Massacre, Modi was denied a visa to travel to the West. “China, Japan and the Far East was the development model followed by Modi to build Gujarat,” Meighoo contended. “Why the need for the West? Two-thirds of the population of the world lives in Asia. It is the only region of the world where there has been consistent growth for the past decade,” said Meighoo.

“What is Modi going to do about Kashmir?” a member of the audience asked. Naveen Khatri said that ‘Amit Shah, the Minister of Home Affairs will solve the Kashmir problem. Kashmir was a Hindu kingdom that voted to be part of the Indian union.”

More than 20,000 Kashmiri pandit have been driven out of their homes. Many sold their properties to their Muslim neigbours cheaply and fled for their lives. The Muslims announced in the loud speakers in every mosque for the “Hindu men and boys to flee and leave their daughters and wives,” said Khatri.

“But Romila Thapar does not speak about that atrocities. This leftist historian conveniently sees Hindu atrocities, never the aggression of the Muslims,” said Dr Bisram. Romila Thapar is a leftist historian who Aryan Invasion Theory has been discredited.

Dr Kirk Meighoo argued that the British has chosen to keep Kashmir burning so that India could never move forward. “Kashmir is not an issue; it is a creation of the West,” said Dr Meighoo. ‘The West has kept Pakistan in a state of dependency. Apart from its geopolitical value, Pakistan is a market for US weapons,” said Meighoo.

Present in the audience was Promode Kumar, an international journalist form Kerala, India. “Kerala has 55% Hindus, 27 Syrian Christians and 17 % Muslims,” said Kumar. He argued that the Syrian Christians are among the earliest Christians in the world. They are very open to the BJP and more of them have voted for the BJP in the last elections.  “Kerala’s economy is heavily dependent of remittances from the Middle East,” said Kumar. “How sustainable is that remittance economy?” a member of the audience asked. “It is not; it depends on the price of oil in the global market,” Kumar responded.

ICDN.TODAY, the host of the event, plans to host regular lectures to appraise the public about events in the country and globally. “Our next forum will be on Guyana. We are waiting the verdict of the CCJ. It is topical and Hindus must have a clear grasp of this growing crisis, said Kumar Mahabir.

Coordinator of the Forum appeal to those present to stand together to fight the enemies of Hindu society and made reference to recent posts on Facebook by anti-Hindu forces attacking, Modi, RSS and Hindutva. “It was outrageous and it is our duty to defend our people, our dharma and our society. We must stand up and fight. We must take the form of Mother Kali and be ruthless in our struggle against evils so that our enemies dare not lift a finger in future.”