My Beautiful UNC People

“Panday and Mikela were active on the ground in Barataria,” said Satesh. “But how could you say that…the Pandays are in London,” I responded. “Yeh, but they had their people on the ground undermining Kamla,” Satesh responded.

My Beautiful UNC People

Photo : Bindool

“Panday and Mikela were active on the ground in Barataria,” said Satesh.

“But how could you say that…the Pandays are in London,” I responded.

“Yeh, but they had their people on the ground undermining Kamla,” Satesh responded.

It is this kind of asinine behaviour bordering on madness that pervades the UNC or those who purport to be supporters of the UNC. Because the UNC has no party structure, anyone can appoint him/herself a spokesperson and claim to be echoing the sentiments and views of the party to brown-nose oneself to the leadership.

Bindool, a social and cultural activist in Barataria, has been closely associated with the UNC under the leadership of Basdeo Panday since the 1980s. He later joined Team Unity and contested the Barataria seat and lost. Now he is back with the UNC and wants to see it return to power.

Bindool was supportive of the UNC and its candidate Sharon Maraj-Dharam. He had faith that she was going to bring home the Barataria seat for the UNC in the July 16 by-election.  “The first UNC meeting was at her father’s house. Nobody wanted to give their house for UNC meeting …they were cowards…afraid. Sharon Maraj-Dharam understands sacrifice; struggle in her DNA.”

Photo : Sharon Maraj-Dharam

Well known in the community, Sharon Maraj-Dharam’s victory was welcomed by all.  Cool, calm and focused, Sharon conducted her campaign with poise and dignity. Three issues she focused on: security, infrastructure and the youths and said that “I am eager to represent the needs of the people of Baratiaria.”

Bindool is advocating that the UNC must form party groups in each electoral district. “If we have one active party group in Barataria we would have won by a wider margin,” Bindool contended. “The campaign would have been more effective and less strain on a few.”

Inshan Ismael is on record claiming that Muslims electors in Barataria did not vote for UNC because he instructed them not to. On the other hand Nafeesa Mohammed is claiming that the Muslim votes swung the result in favour of a UNC victory. In an Express report (Anna Ramdass, July 17, 2018) Nafeesa, a former deputy political leader of the PNM, said that the defeat of the PNM in the Barataria by election was a “backlash from the Muslim community…to protest the treatment meted out to them by Government during the Carnival.”

Photo : Nafeesa Mohammed

It is this type of politics of that has people like Inshan Ismael as beneficiaries of the resources of the state. Prior to the 2015 General Elections, Inshan Ismael was on a rampage against the UNC. Night after night he was grunting, ranting, and raving, targeting the Prime Minister and mainly Hindu ministers of Government such as Suruj Rambachan and Roodal Moonilal. This continuous and relentless attack on the integrity of the PP Government night after night, week after week and month after month was not only outrageous but misleading.

Instead of understanding the reality that Inshan Ismael has no loyalty to democracy or a nation-state, the foolish PP government chose the path of appeasement by offering him 10 acres of land next to Divali Nagar. Consistent with the culture of bullies, Inshan Ismael grabbed the land with both hands and resumed his nightly tirade against the PP.

Honestly, I don’t mind Inshan Ismael ‘cussing’ the UNC. My objection is that he failed to do so with style and decorum; more specifically, without regard for the rules of grammar. His nightly grunting on a national television is an insult to the English Language. I shudder to think what an Englishman like Sir Winston Churchill would have to say about this nightly butchering of his native tongue. Being the imperialist that he was, and the pride he took in the English language, Churchill would have concluded that British colonialism was a massive failure. The brutish, ill-bred and vulgar manner in which Inshan presents his program is an indictment against common decency.

I want to congratulate the so many youths who are rallying around Kamla. They don’t have to go out and toil among the people. All that is left for them to do is to rally around Kamla like Lord Ganesh who set out on a race around the world against his brother Kartekeya. When the race started Kartekeya bolted like lightning. Ganesh, on the other hand, circled his mother and father and was declared the winner, thus re-enforcing the principle that service to parents is the highest dharma.

Photo : Kamla Persad Bissessar

Kamlaji is like Mother Parbatie. She is blessed to have many sons- Ganeshas- around her who do not have to rush out into the field to toil among the people. These youths don’t have to go the constituencies and form party groups; to engage in service projects such as public lectures on diabetes and assistance to citizens to access NIS, old aged pensions and other welfare grants; to run home-work centres to reduce illiteracy, etc. No! No! No! Such works are for the foolish Kartekeyas, not the Ganeshas! The Ganesha simply have to hang around the leadership and position themselves just behind Kamla’s shoulders so that the cameras can recognize them. It is a continuation of the John Jaglal/Basdeo Panday duo era of UNC politics!

One week before the Barataria by-elections the Ganeshas were busy on the ground and more so on the days that Mother Parbatie was coming to walk the ground. The local activists who were with the candidates day in day out had to step back as the Ganesha took over. Even Fuad Khan had to pull aside and park for fear of running afoul with the Ganeshas. With the Ganesha’s invasion of Barataria there was no room left for Suruj Rambachan, Bhoe Tewarie or Tim Gopeesingh. These Boxers of the revolution are now valued for their glue and tallow!

The Ganeshas are like social parasites following an entrenched culture. They demonstrate no real commitment to the party as such. Now that Mother Parbatie is in charge, they are with her.  In the past it was Basdeo Panday and if tomorrow Mother Parvati is stumped, she would be out and forgotten. Not surprisingly, many would have no qualms of crossing the political divide and engaging with Keith Rowley. The Ganesha are young, the crammers in our education system, armed with professional qualifications but lacking the character to put their shoulders to the wheel. They are the Willie Chandrans of the world, talking politics and revolution when in reality they are plain lazy!

It is this culture of sycophancy that is the cancer in the UNC…not doing anything meaningful…just wearing a T-shirt and waving a flag. And if the political leader is antagonistic to any, the sycophants have to work tirelessly to denigrate and insult such person. Is Bhoe Tewarie an intelligent man? You can find out very easy. All you have to do is remind a sycophant that “Bhoe Tiwarie as principal of UWI did an excellent job.” And like magic, the sycophant will spill his beans.

May be I say these things because I sit in the classroom and collect a salary. The reality is that sitting in a classroom with children for thirty-two years is no mean task. Certainly, if I did not have that discipline I might have been another Ganesha circling and kowtowing before Mother Parbatie with the desire that she will fill my huge stomach with ladoos.

I must say I like the Ganeshas. I enjoy seeing them busy like I did on elections day in Barataria. One hour before the closing of the polls the Ganesha were breathless. Later when the results started coming in the Ganesha were trickling in to the UNC office and when victory was declared they were swarming all around Mother Parbatie.