Niala Maharaj’s gross indecency

After my last look at some of your comments on this thread, I took a day off before coming back here to see if my fears were correct. And yes, they are; I find the tone and content of your rants to be baffling and unbecoming to the person I once respected as a Hindu and Indian woman in Trinidad. Now when I look at the 24 comments you made on this thread, yes 24,

Niala Maharaj’s gross indecency
Photo : Ramdath Jagessar

Dear Niala Maharaj: 

After my last look at some of your comments on this thread, I took a day off before coming back here to see if my fears were correct. And yes, they are; I find the tone and content of your rants to be baffling and unbecoming to the person I once respected as a Hindu and Indian woman in Trinidad. Now when I look at the 24 comments you made on this thread, yes 24, I counted them, I find you have damaged your reputation with much of these batshit crazy posts. Don’t jump too high, I will explain.

Photo : Niala Maharaj

This whole issue started with a June 8 post by Doolarchan Hanomansingh of nine lines saying a band of Hindu youths will be going house to house to share Hindu values, a satsangh for potential Hindus as well as trying to bring back Hindus who have strayed from the path of dharma.

Sounds innocent to me and not worthy of comment, but it sent you on the warpath immediately.

You responded with your own post of June 9 titled Trini Trumpists and I will go through it line by line for your mortification.

1)     How come these Hindu youths going door to door become Hindu Trumpists? Rubbish.

2)     ‘I hope dog bite them,’ You commented. Not funny, mostly mean and unjustified.

3)     That thread immediately died, you commented. A lie. A full 23 people made comments, including six from you.

4)     You wrote:   “But others erupted, calling for militant thoughts and actions by Hindus, resentment against other religions and denunciations of Hindu tolerance.” Where did you get this nonsense from? I didn’t see that in the comments. And anyway, why were you heaping the comments by the public on a post to the band of Hindu youths planning to go door to door?

5)     You wrote, “Hindutva has arrived in TT.” What orifice you pull this from? No don’t answer that! I didn’t read anything about Hindutva from the comments on Doolarchan’s post and as far as I know Hindutva is an ideology specific to India.

6)     You wrote: “A handful of people are raking up all kinds of century-old alleged (mostly imagined) grievances.” Was that the holocaust of hundreds of millions of Hindus in India by the Muslim invaders, the rape of hundreds of thousands of Hindu women, the destruction of thousands of Hindu temples over 800 years that you refer to as alleged and mostly imaginary grievances? Or could it be the wiping out of the Hindu populations of Pakistan and Bangladesh going on for the past half century that you think Trinidad Hindus should ignore as imaginary grievances? I understand Hindus were around 13% in Pakistan in 1947 but are now down to 2% because of the friendly Muslims. Or should Trinidad Hindus ignore the massacre of Hindus in Myanmar by Rohingya Muslims as imagined and alleged? I think this kind of stuff is what some of the commentators were hinting about, which caused your anger, Niala.

7)     “Members of this group have always had a screw or two loose. Not mad but burdened by chips the size of Sangre Grande on their (rather frail) shoulders. Believe me, the minute you see them, you’ll know that these are not people you want for your leaders. ‘Pathetic’ would be my assessment.” That’s your comment, Niala. Uncalled for. Makes you wonder who has a screw loose, is carrying big chips on frail shoulders, is not the person you want for your leader, and is just pathetic.

8)     Next you say people should beware of fake news and fake history. You claim “most of what these people profess is false. All respected academic researchers -led by the venerable Romila Thapar- dismiss the Hindutva version of history as garbage.” Where have you been hiding? Respected academic researchers, venerable Romila Thapar? You are quoting that stooge and sepoy sellout Romila, that discredited nutcase with her bullshit about the Aryan Invasion Theory as your authority? This anti-Hindu, anti-Hindutva, apologist for Muslim invaders is your hero?

9)     You say, “It is exactly and precisely India’s version of Trumpism.” So that’s where you get the Trumpism from. You are saying the Hindutva gang are India’s version of Trumpism, and Doolarchan’s band of Hindu youths are the Trinidad Trumpists? This is way past gobar, Niala.

10) You continue to ask “Is there any point seeking revenge for events in the distant past?” Again, I ask where you get this from? I read the comments on Doolarchan’s post and I don’t see anybody seeking revenge for past events. Some people seem to want remembrance of terrible events in the past, but revenge I don’t see it.  You must try telling the Jews don’t seek revenge for the Holocaust, don’t dig up these alleged and imaginary events every year!

11) Now you are getting in your stride with this quote, “If Hindus in Trinidad follow the Hindutva lot, they would be the most ungrateful creatures on this planet. The militants claim that indentureship was a terrible thing. Anybody who resents the process of indentureship is a neemakharam par excellence. They are spitting in the eye of their forbears who endured hardships so they could have it easier. They are spitting in the first, second and third eye of every god in the Hindu panoply, who set them down in a place flush with oil and flush-toilets. Maybe they will be born in Uttar Pradesh in their next jannum, as punishment for their neemakharamity. Imagine, you are born with a virtual gold spoon in your mouth called the English language, which is a privilege people from China to Chile envy since it unlocks employment opportunities all over the world. And you complaining? Now you know I wasn’t joking about batshit crazy. You are saying the Hindu gods set down the Trinidad Indians in a place flush with oil and flush toilets???? But when the jahajis landed in Trinidad had no oil and nobody had flush toilets for another century, those jahajis had no latrines either and had to do their business in the bush and get jigger foot. And what is this crap about being born with any gold spoon of English in their mouth?

12) But the worst of all is your coup de gras, “Man, you should lagay every English coloniser’s foot that you can find.” I still can’t believe you put that down on Facebook, Niala, and you will have to eat that vomit for the rest of your life. Hanuman forgave you, you are telling us to bow down at the feet of the English colonizers for bringing us to Trinidad and giving us gold spoon English and a place with oil and flush toilets???!!!! You can’t go lower than this Niala, you have to be off your meds, you must have eaten some magic mushrooms, this is too much.

13) “I suspect the Hindu rabble rousers are cowards.” Who are these Hindu rabble rousers you see, the band of youth about to go house to house, the commentators on Doolarchan’s post, the Hindutva folks in India? As I said, this kind of rant will get you in trouble and it has.

14) You advise Hindus to attack the PNM like Sat Maharaj, “But instead you are primarily attacking Muslims.” I’m getting tired of repeating where you get this from? Who is primarily attacking Muslims?  You say to these unnamed attackers, “You are so lacking in imagination you have to adopt the irrelevant propaganda dispensed by the loonies in India.”  Any comment necessary on such wild and wooly accusations?

15)  And here’s your grand finale,” Hindus and Muslims have always lived peacefully together in TT.”  Really? These political enemies have lived peacefully since 1956?  

You have 24 other comments, six on Doolarchan’s original post and 18 on your own post. Why so many? Frankly, you are attacking anybody who disagrees with you in the slightest just like the legendary junkyard dog. Most unbecoming, most undignified, most disgraceful. I can never forget that piece about lagaying the feet of the English colonizers, no way.