P.M. Modi and the Decolonization of India-Part 2

PM Modi of India is not on some mission to reconvert non-Hindus but to build an Indian national identity, amongst other things, based on Indian narratives and pride in their heritage to stop the genocide and cultural wars against Hindus and Hinduism.

P.M. Modi and the Decolonization of India-Part 2
Photo : Prime Minister Narendra Modi

The following is a continuation of P.M. Modi and the decolonization of India based on the Gandhi-Nehruvian doctrine that has destroyed the Indian and Hindu mentality. This Gandhi-Nehruvian doctrine has turned against its own Vedic dharma to glorify its conquerors. This paper intends to explain some of the reasons that has given rise to Hindu nationalism in India.

PM Modi of India is not on some mission to reconvert non-Hindus but to build an Indian national identity, amongst other things, based on Indian narratives and pride in their heritage to stop the genocide and cultural wars against Hindus and Hinduism. In Trinidad, Guyana, Suriname and other diaspora places, Indians are plagued by socialism and Christian missionary activities. These destructive ideologies feed on ignorant disorganized uninformed Hindus, muddying the Indian race culturally and politically with misinformation and divisive rhetoric. No race can advance without recognizing their own native cultural divinities, narratives and heritage. However, in India the assault on Hinduism is worsening day by day. P.M. Modi might be Hindus’ last hope for survival in a modern proxy war against the Hindu religion.

The people who are mostly afraid of P.M. Modi’s war on corruption and Hinduphobia are the Evangelical missionaries who had a free hand in India for 70 years making Indians ashamed of their Vedic heritage.  Millions of Hindus have been converted to Christianity by trickery, gaming the government for handouts and land, stealing temple lands from Hindus and creating an army of anti-Hindu converts. It doesn’t stop there. They are now demanding their own Christian states and creating terrorist groups to help them. 

Photo : Vassan Ramracha

What makes P.M. Modi’s cleansing of the Indian mind difficult is that he is up against pseudo-liberal hard core anti-Hindu “intellectuals” spreading fake histories. For example, liberal historians declared Rama an oppressor of South Indian people. This is to done create further caste divisions  by creating splintered Hindu groups and anti-Hindu political movements among castes and regions. It’s the modern divide and conquer strategy. 

These liberals also praise the Negritude Movement as inclusive but yet bash Hindutva. Negritude is the empowerment of the African race in the Diaspora which excluded over a million East Indians in the Caribbean. This is what passes as academia in India. What passes for liberalism in India? When Muslim painters draw artwork of Hanuman spying on Ram and Sita intimately Hindus must accept this as art and any disagreement means Hindus are not secular. Hindus must not build a mandir on the spot where Lord Rama was born in Ayodhya so Hindus have no “Mecca” of their own. Instead a mosque built by the Mughal Babar (who murdered Hindus and destroyed their temples) remained for a long time as well as the mosque that lies on top of the location where Krishna was born in Mathura and Kashi Vishwanath. When West Indians go to India they must visit Ayodhya and Mathura and skip the Taj Mahal to see the reality for yourself. If Hindus ask for these two sacred places to be returned among the hundreds of thousands of mosques lying on top of destroyed temples this makes them communal and right wing nationalists! Ram Sethu which is the place where Lord Rama built his bridge to Lanka actually exists and was on the verge of being blown up by the Congress party urged on by “liberals.” Hindus who complained were branded as right wing. Would any other religion allow the desecration of its holy sites? 

West Indian Hindus need to become more aware of the war against the Hindu religion. Do West Indian Muslims know about the conflict in Palestine? Caribbean Hindus need to educate themselves about the situation in India. Hindus are not allowed to be Hindus in modern India. The only good Hindu is a vanished Hindu. Don’t be fooled about India. India is Hindu in name and image only and the number of Hindus are reducing day by day. Hindus are facing the final assault by the Abrahamic religions, western –backed and Islamic-funded forces. It is now or never to take a stand against this genocide.

Hindutva is simply the Hindu resurgence to fight against the siege India and Hinduism is facing.  Hindutva is the Hindu struggle to survive a siege on all fronts from this third wave of colonization. Hindutva is the empowerment of the Indian Identity. Do not be fooled by the western media and their phony headlines about Modi and Hindutva. They are backed by groups that want Hinduism destroyed. The Indian media is almost completely foreign funded.

You can only become truly enslaved when you have lost your ancient culture. Know what’s happening for yourself. Indians in the Diaspora [such as West Indians not N.R.I.] over the last 200 years have amassed a stronger Indian identity than our counterparts in India because we recognized our ancestral roots and celebrate our heritage such as Indian Arrival Day. When an Indian speaks Hindi in the Caribbean, Fiji and Suriname they are proud. When an Indian speaks English in India they are proud because now they feel like they’re going to heaven. V. S. Naipaul had written about India’s false identity narrative. But now the time has come to rise as one Hindu voice to understand what’s going on in India. Do not parrot western media headlines about Hindu nationalism without knowing the truth. You will be burying the Hindu civilization with your failure to educate yourself on India’s current situation.