10 Dance Troupes vie for big prizes at Divali Nagar 2018

10 Dance Troupes vie for big prizes at Divali Nagar 2018
Photo : Chair of NCIC, Dr Deokinanan Sharma and devotees perform Lakshmi Pooja with Pandit Abhedananda officiating

The highlight of Divali Nagar 2018 on Wednesday October 31, will be the NCIC’s Dance Competition Grand Finals. This premier cultural event attracts the top leading dance troupes in the country. The 10 groups that will be competing for thousands of dollars in prizes are: Nishana Dance Academy, Kiss Natraj Dance Group, Amritam Dance Group, Shivtandava Dance School, Khainayak Academy of Dance, Anish Gopaul, The Shivatma Dance Academy, Simone’a Dance Academy, Amba De Silva and Nritya Sangam Dance Company.

Senator Rohan Sinanan, Minister of Works and Transport, will be the special guest while Dr Adesh Ramsubhag, a micro-biologist and lecturer at the University of the West Indies, will be honoured and recognized for his contribution to nation building.

Photo : Dr Bhoe Tiwarie, MP for Caroni Central,  among the guests at dinner on the opening night.

Other artistes who will be performing are Brigelal Ramsubhag Sangeet Ka Parivar, Modern Electrical Rhythm led by Rawytee Ramroop, Neval Chatelal and Neshard  Mayroo.

Divali Nagar 2018 opened on Sunday October 28, at Divali Nagar Site, Chaguanas. With the theme Hindu Reformers, the Nagar’s Chief Guest on the opening night was Satyanand Sarju Beharrylal, QC. Also addressing the huge crowd was the Minister of Community Development, Multi-culturalism & the Arts.

The opening of Divali Nagar 2018 began with Lakshmi Pooja performed by Pandit Abhedananda Sharma. This was followed by a gala dinner at the Bisram Gopie Hall.

Divali Nagar 2018 is the 32nd anniversary of Divali Nagar.  Chair of NCIC, Dr Deokinanan Sharma, in his address on the opening night recalled the 1st Divali Nagar at the Mid Centre Mall’s Car Park in 1986 and went on to thank the many individuals that have contributed significantly to the development of this grand cultural event show-casing Indian culture.

Photo : Paras Ramoutar at opening night of Divali Nagar

Dr Deokinanan Sharma also lamented the severe floods that struck parts of the country and the role that the NCIC played to bring relief to citizens affected. He explained that NCIC collaborated with SEVATT, a local chapter of Seva International. Seva TT is a first response unit in time of natural disasters in Trinidad and Tobago.

With the theme Hindu Reformer, Wednesday’s night is dedicated to the contribution of the Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (Hindu Volunteers) of India. This organization has been at the forefront bringing relief to citizens in times of natural disasters in India. Seva International is an offshoot of Hindu Swayamseval Sangh. SEVATT exemplifies that noble work that the Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh has been doing since its birth in 1925

Divali Nagar 2018 is wholesome entertainment for the entire family. The event will continue nightly and come to a close on Monday November 5, 2018 with a grand display of fireworks.