Photo : Vassan Ramracha

African Guyanese arithmetic in Guyana’ Parliament was called into question, when Member of Parliament, Charrandass voted against the African dominated APNU/PNC.  In the math calculation of the APNU/PNC coalition party, their 32 votes overrode the PPP party’s 33 votes. This ruling alliance believes that the APNU/PNC 32 votes, backed up by violence, constituted a majority over the peaceful PPP’s 33 votes. One Afro-female threatened to kill M.P. Charrandass in Parliament.

An APNU/PNC lawyer did an African math calculation i.e. one dead M.P. Charrandass equals only 32 MP’s for the opposition PPP. This calculation demonstrated African Guyanese math, which reinforces the use of violence, in order to gain a parliamentary majority and maintain their hold on power. In this math, the APNU/PNC 32 votes will always be greater than the PPP’s 33 votes.

Crooked math that includes violence such as threatening to kill a duly elected member of parliament creates warped calculations and conclusions in the minds of dictators and their supporters.  These warped mathematical calculations only work for a time. We need to think about Zimbabwe’s Mugabe. Eventually, Mugabe’s math and his warped conclusions turned against him. His own people overthrew him. They were tired of the declining socio-political conditions of Zimbabwe and the total collapse of the country’s economy. There is a similar parallel between Dictator Mugabe’s Zimbabwe economy and Dictator Burnham’s Guyana economy. 

In order to get into the medical and sciences fields, students have to earn straight A passes or have excellent grades. If Afro-Guyanese teach this type of math to their children, then their children will have little success in the medical and science fields. Recently, many black intellectuals have been questioning why their black Afro-Caribbean students have not been successful in the Caribbean medical schools and other science fields-STEM. I have, often wondered, if Afro-Caribbean are using APNU/PNC African math. Do we have a new “BLACK MATH” that complements “EBONICS?” Then, this may be the reason why Black students are not doing well in medical school and other scientific fields.

The decades’ long illegitimate presidency of Guyana’s Forbes Burnham was based on Black Afro-Caribbean math i.e. warped math calculations that are backed up with violence. Burnham calculated that his presidential victory in Guyana was the result of getting 75% of the Guyanese electorate. The main fact in the Guyanese elections was that over 50% of the electorate voted for the opposition. Based on Black Arithmetic, Burnham calculated that a minority of the electorate combined with the use of violence, gave him victory in the presidential elections. Burnham declared himself, president for life. During Burnham presidency, the socio-political system broke down. This was followed by the destruction of the economy of Guyana. Burnham set a trend in Caribbean politics, which includes: Black arithmetic and its warped calculations, the use of violence, political gerrymandering, and the importation of black immigrants into Guyana to increase the black voter bank.

Mr. Nigel Huges was a lawyer/mathematician for APNU/PNC in the recent political count in the Guyana parliamentary vote split of 33 PPP to 32 APNU/PNC. Recent developments in Guyana, the courts disagreed with Nigel Hughes math. The courts stated that the 33 PPP votes are greater than the 32 votes of the governing coalition.

My question is why Indian mathematicians, political leaders, and political thinkers don’t do the same calculations.

Vassan Ramracha- Swami Sawai Vaskananda.