An open letter from Grenada to former President of Guyana, Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo,

An open letter from Grenada to former President of Guyana, Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo,

Photo : Bharrat Jagdeo

Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo,

October 31, 2017


Your recent visit to Linden and Wismar as an Opposition Leader was indeed timely, encouraging and considerate. I am delighted to see that you have met with the residents and have heard their complaints about the economic condition and the hardship they have been experiencing.

I know you are courageous and capable of voicing your findings in the Parliament.

Please remember to do so.

You can be credited for positive changes to our country. Your supporters are very proud of you for bringing economic prosperity to the land of many waters.

You are accused of many wrong-doings by your detractors, but let them produce the evidence to the nation before you can be judged. Until then, you remain the people’s choice for the next president of Guyana.

You will surely be the next president if the next election is free and fair – which is unlikely. This was the practice, and the legacy, of the ruling Forbes Burnham’s PNC.

I visited Wismar in August this year to see the place where my late uncle had one of the most prosperous businesses before the unfortunate Wismar Massacre. In this race-hate violence, it is reported that 176 persons were killed.

Can you please persuade your party and the government to take this matter to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Netherlands?

The ICC has the power to prosecute individuals for international crimes. The ICC can exercise its jurisdiction when national courts are unwilling or unable to prosecute criminals.

The Wismar Massacre on May 26, 1964 still haunts the memory of older folks in the country.

The lives lost cannot be revived but justice can dispel the nightmares.

Like you, I spoke to residents in Wismar and they told me that my late uncle had made significant contributions to the development to the district. Everyone said he was a kind man.

Why was such a good man chased out of Wismar and his business property looted and burnt?

The voters in Linden and Wismar are diehard supporters of the governing PNC party. The election results clearly prove this voting behaviour. They have supported PNC since the days of the violent dictator Burnham.

Mr. Jagdeo, do you hope to get votes from these people at the next election? Most of the residents told me that it is too early to pass judgement on the performance of the current PNC-led Government. They told me it would take time to see the results of PNC’s economic plans.

They also told me that the government would help them with the royalty they expect to get from the oil revenues.

I hope their dreams come true. I also hope your dreams come true in wishing that these diehard PNC supporters vote for you. I hope that they would show maturity by not voting on the basis of race.


I wish you the best.

A friend to all.

Jai Sears


Mobile: (473) 405-2921