At Dayaram Mandir, Pt. Krishna Discusses Hanuman

At Dayaram Mandir, Pt. Krishna Discusses Hanuman
At Dayaram Mandir, Pt. Krishna Discusses Hanuman
The Role of Lord Hanuman-ji was the subject of discussion at Dayaram Mandir, Queens, on Tuesday evening presided over by Pt. Krishna Misir who is presiding over a Maha Yajna that began on September 1 and concludes on Sunday morning September 2.  . Hanuman is remembered for his selfless dedication to Lord Rama. It was an inspiring katha from Pt. Krishna of Hollywood Temple, Ft. Lauderdale telling a packed congregation to worship the lord with single minded devotion and dedication. If worshipping with devotion, the lord will answer prayers.
The maha yajna is sponsored by Bhai Ravi (Dayaram), formerly of La Jalousie, West Coast Demerara, and Nalinee and family. The public is invited. Every evening, attendees were treated with a gift. Wednesday evening is a special surprise gift marking the birthday of Dayaram. On the final day, every attendee will be given a murthi. Dayaram Mandir is located at 192nd. Street, just East of Hillside Ave.
As Pt. Krishna explained, Hanuman is an inspirational character and role model for others to follow. Hanuman is the monkey like figure in the Ramayana who was a loyal servant to Lord Rama when he was in exile and when he took on the evil Rawan in battle. When Hanuman-ji came across Shri Ram in the forest during his 14 years exile, he knew right away that Shri Ram was no ordinary person but a divine character. He immediately offered his service to Lord Rama. Serving the lord became Hanuman’s sole objective and single minded focus. Shri Ram gladly accepted help from Hanuman to overcome problems he faced.
Ramayana was noted in the Ramayana for his valor and courage in confronting violent enemies for Shri Ram; he carried out every task Shri Ram requested and did so with love. Hanuman was totally dedicated in service to Shri Ram (God). Rawan abducted Sita. Hanuman helped to locate Sita in Lanka. And he would play an extremely crucial role in the defeat of Rawan, providing protection for Sita, and in restoring the life of Ram’s half-brother, Prince Lutchman who was fatally shot with a poisonous arrow by Rawan. For hisunyielding devotion to Ram, Sita, Lutchman, and others, Hanuman is worshipped at virtually every prayer by Hindus. A special booklet, Hanuman Chaalisa, was constructed for the worshipping of Hanuman.
Hanuman was an intellectual. He used his talents, skills, knowledge, and capacities to the fullest in the Lord’s service protecting lives along the way.  He single handed fought Rawan’s forces defeating them. And he was also instrumental in the construction of the Rama Sethu Bridge from India to Sri Lanka in which warriors marched across to Lanka to take on the evil Rawan.
The message behind Hanuman’s behavior, explained the learned Pandit Krishna, is the symbol of one’s dedication and commitment to the lord. Hanuman possess enormous strength and energy and uses it in service to the lord overcoming many serious challenges. His behavior is an example on how people can confront ordeals and overcome obstructions.
As Pt. Krishna noted, Hanuman faced many difficult challenges head on and overcame them. No task was too difficult for him; he even defeated mighty warriors. There is deep symbolism behind hanuman’s action. The message of the Pravachan from Pt. Krishna is everyone possess a little Hanuman (courage, strength, valor, dedication to a cause, etc. If you put your mind in overcoming a challenge, you can solve it.