Bamboo No 1, 2 & 3 celebrates Indian Arrival with Curry Duck Competition

Bamboo No 1, 2 & 3 celebrates Indian Arrival with Curry Duck Competition

Photo : Display of a replica of the Fatal Rozack by Team DJ Chris

Bamboo No 1 Recreation Ground was the home of one of the most impressive display of a Curry Duck Competition to mark the 173rd Anniversary of Indian Arrival Day.

The event was sponsored by the Bamboo No 1 Youth and Cultural Group and attracted fifteen (15) competitors, all from the Bamboo district. Navin Babwah who is the Captain of Bamboo Sports and Cultural Club and The Old Cocks said that “we come to together as one Bamboo.”  Navin who hails from No 3 said: “We entered the competition dressed in the club’s cricket uniform. Our uniform was designed by us…its original.”

Photo : Bamboo Sports & Cultural Club at Curry Duck Competition.

Their menu included curry duck which was the main menu to be judged. They also prepared geera pork, chow and curry chicken. Everyone was happy talking, laughing, eating while some were busy stirring the pots on the fire as music blast away.

 “Our fore fathers came from India and they made tremendous sacrifices and today is an opportunity for us to say thanks,” said Navin.

Navin is a marketing manager in a garbage disposal and recycling company and is married with two children. “I am tremendously proud of the display of camaraderie and cooperation by the people of Bamboo. I know our forefather would be proud of us,” he concluded.

Photo : Wayne and Anil assist with cooking.

I also spoke to Bally and Bharath. Their team hails from No 3. The members are families, friends and employees of his car company. It is their first entrance into the competition which is on its 5th year.

“I am very proud of how far we have come from then to now,” said Bally.

“But what about the crime situation?” I retorted.

He responded: “I don’t feel safe…I feel that I can go back where my ancestors came from.”

 I asked: “What is the solution?”

 He said: “We need to get rid of this government.”

“We need to cooperate more genuinely and stop fighting down each other,”said Ramkissoon Dookhoo. At first he was hesitant to give his name and only did so after I insisted.

Photo : Curry Duck at Bamboo.

Christopher Goberdhan entered the competition under the banner: D J Chris. Chris is from No 1 and he has been a DJ for the past 40 years. He was once attached to HCU Massala Radio under the banner-Dynasty.

Chris sees the event as an occasion “to bring people together. With no help from the government, a few members of the business community contributed towards the event,” he said.

Also entering the competition was the Women’s Group of the Bamboo No 1. Many of the male members of the mandir were present to lend a hand.

Vishnu Bishram of New York was a guest of   Bamboo No 1 Mandir and was impressed with the setting and the general peace and love that permeated the environment. He had his share of curry duck, chicken and kachouries. “This is great. I am happy to see so many youths, children and elders together celebrating,” he said.