Bamboo No1 Mandir sponsored Health Fair and Walk-a-thon

 Bamboo No1 Mandir sponsored Health Fair and Walk-a-thon

Photo : Wayne Lalchan presents a token to a participant of the Walk-a-Thon

More than one hundred participants joined together in a walk through the streets of Bamboo No1 yesterday. The event was part of a Health Fair & Walk-a-thon, sponsored by the Bamboo No 1 Mandir,   aimed at making people conscious of adopting a healthy life style.

More than a dozen booths were present to market their products and services: optical, hydroponics, coconut oil, cocoa products, yoga, AA and health products. Island Roofing was at hand to give away key chains and pens; and the ladies of the mandir were busy in the kitchen preparing refreshments to serve to all.

Photo : Staff at Ferguson's Optical Ltd conducted eye test.

Niranjan Bhaggan, a marathoner, was the major driving force behind this event. “The Mandir provided all the support necessary. Many companies and individuals were very generous in donating trophies and other tokens for distribution to participants.”

“I was pleased with the response,” said Niranjan.  “I am happy that the people turned out to support this event.”

Bodhi Tree Yoga & Health Studio conducted a yoga demonstration. Located at Rodney Road, Endeavour, Chaguanas. Bodhi Tree‘s Yoga Instructor is Simone Kissoon of Lange Park, Chaguanas. A certified yoga teacher, Simone was trained in the USA. She claims her yoga lineage from Swami Sivananda, founder of the Divine Life Society of Rishikesh, India.

Photo : A patient undergoes a sugar test while another looks on.

Also at hand were medical students to conduct blood sugar and pressure tests. Two doctors provided medical consultation.  Two lawyers were also present to provide legal consultation.

“We put in the hard work. Our Health Fair Committee took the time to visit the people at their homes to invite their participation,” said Wayne Lalchan, President of the Mandir.

Refreshments were served including water, corn soup and bread and channa. Sandwiches and cakes were prepared by the staff of Island Roofing and served to all booth leaders, their helpers and others who came to give generously of themselves.

“Health is life. Without health, life is miserable. We at Bamboo No 1 Mandir want to make our members more aware and conscious of their health-what they eat, drink and how much exercise they put in,” said Wayne Lalchan.