Beef –Eating, Conversion & Christian Charity

Beef –Eating, Conversion & Christian Charity

Photo : Sacred Cow in India.

The BJP swept the polls in the State Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, India in March 2017 thus annihilating the opposition including the Indian National Congress. But the enemies of Hindu Dharma would not rest. They are doing everything within their powers and with the help of their foreign masters to paint a horrendous image of the BJP.

The appointment of Yogi Adityanath as Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh was met with resistance. The enemies objected that Yogi Adityanath had made remarks threatening  that for every Hindu converted to Islam, one hundred Muslims would be converted to Hinduism. Is this an unfear remark? Who give Muslims or Christians the right to convert Hindus? If it was acceptable during the Muslim and Christian rule in India, then it is not welcome in an independent India where Hindus are 85% of the population.

And what is it about beef eating in India? Why do Muslims have to slaughter the cow which is sacred to Hindus? It is argued that prior to coming to India, the cow was unknown to the Arabs and there is no mention of it in the Quran. Many Hindus and intellectuals suspect that the Muslims’ obsession with cow slaughter and beef eating is based solely on spite and malice to mock and irritate Hindus.

Beef falls under the “red meat” category and carries a high level of cholesterol which leads to strokes and heart diseases. Also, some have argued that beef takes 21 days to digest in the system. Others argue that it does not digest at all and that beef consumed rots in the alimentary canal. Studies are now revealing that a population that consumes meat is more susceptible to colon cancer.

The cow also has utility value. It provides milk which is a supplement in babies’ food. Every human being on the planet has drunk milk as a baby and many still continue to drink milk and use it as a basic ingredient in many food recipes during their adult lives.

The bullock is a beast of burden. Harnessed to a cart, it pulls loads. In Trinidad and Tobago the bull and buffalo were engaged in the transport of sugar-cane to the factories long before tractors. I remember farmers using hand held ploughs drawn by buffaloes to prepare their fields for rice planting.

The late Lalman Sadhu argued that “in all countries where beef is consumed farmers have to harness the yolk to their backs to plough the fields. In Haiti man has replaced animals as the beasts of burden.”

Aditya Yoginath, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, India, is engaged in a battle to save the cows of India from destruction by unscrupulous people.  No stranger to politics Yogi Adityanath was elected to the Lower House in 1998 from his Gorakpur Constituency  in Uttar Pradesh and have gone on to be re-elected for five consecutive terms. He is loud and clear in his ideology which states that the culture and traditions of the society of India must be respected. UP, the most populous state in India was won by the BJP in the recent State Assembly elections by a landslide. Yogi Adityanath was appointed Chief Minister by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Both Muslims and Christians have to open their minds to the reality that “hunting season” is closed forever in India. Hindus are no longer easy prey to proselytisers. Only recently the Modi government banned several western charities from operating in India. Under the guise of working for the uplift of the poor these charities are engaging in conversion of Hindus to Christianity which leads to communal discord and anti- national sentiments.

What are 11,000 Christian Charities doing in India?   They claimed that they are working to eliminate  poverty and improve health care and education. However, when the government asked that the charities to present financial statements on their spending they were found wanting. The reality is that these charities are engaged in proselytising and not working in the best interest of the nation.

It is for this reason that the BJP is hated by the enemies of Hindu Dharma. The proselytisers can no longer enjoy the freedom they have enjoyed under colonialism and continued under Congress rule. The historical records are revealing that the British rule of India was not a display of Christian charity but naked loot and plunder

Christian charity, like beef in the system, does not digest but rots and contributes to social cancers. Hindus don’t have to embrace foreign ideologies that are intolerant and hostile to its traditional values. We have our bhaji,  bodi, ochro and pumkin. We have the milk from the cow to enjoy and the barfi and other delicious dishes we make with it. We definitely have no intentions to kill our bullocks to transfer the yolk to our necks. We definitely know how to live in harmony not just with our fellowmen but also with our natural environment.

Dool Hanomansingh