Bisram Visits Famed Chhatarpur Temple

Bisram Visits Famed Chhatarpur Temple

Photo : Dr. Vishnu Bisram

Dr. Vishnu Bisram, columnist with ICDN, made a visit to the famous Chhatarpur Temple in Delhi early May 2018. It is called the Shri Aadya Katyayani Shakti Peetham) and is constructed in marble. It is located in a down town area in south of Delhi - Chhatarpur. This temple is dedicated to Goddess, Katyayani or Durga. It is fantastic, amazing, exquisite  architectural work and wonder of the world. Visitors from all over India and around the globe visit the beautiful structure.

The temple was established in 1974, by Baba Sant Nagpal ji, who died in 1998. His samadhi shrine or resting place for his ashes lies in the premises of the Shiv-Gauri Nageshwar Mandir within the temple complex. There are some beautiful marble murthis.

The Chhatarpur temple was considered as the biggest temple in India and second largest in the world, before the Akshardham Temple was created in 2005 in Delhi. This temple is totally constructed from marble. Tens of thousands patronize the temple for religious festivals.

*Dr. Bisram regularly travel to India to conduct research on the Indian diaspora.