Black People are Angels

Black People are Angels

Photo : Dool Hanomansingh

I write in response to B. Winter of St Joesph who in a letter dated 06/01/18 titled “Cultural Activist or racist divisionist?” sought to chastise me by accusing me of being racist and  committing other misdeeds in my article “Massive Empire Strikes Back” that was published in your newspaper dated 04/01/18.

I want to sincerely apologise to B. Winter for my racist outpourings. I have been 100% wrong about all that I wrote of black leadership and black people generally.

I want to admit that the black prisoners who are incarcerated in the nation’s prisons are not guilty of any criminal wrong doings. These black youths have been misled by the 1% percent and greedy and corrupt Indians. Where are poor black youths going to get the money to buy drugs and guns? It is the Syrians and the Indians that provide the cash for then to buy the guns and the drugs. While black youths languish in the jail their children are studying at universities across the globe.

There is a campaign to label Daaga a slave catcher. This is all falsehood and propaganda by racists like Sat Maharaj and Kamal Persad.  Daaga was never engaged in waging war to capture slaves for the Portuguese. These are all lies Indian racists are spreading to falsify history.  Black people are angels and incapable of committing such heinous crimes. The Europeans and the Arabs have committed such crimes, not blacks. They are the innocent victims of global greed and imperialistic machinations.

There is a vicious propaganda that black traded in guns to assist with the catching of slaves, thus making them the first entrepreneurs in East Africa long before the arrival of the Tamils from south India. Again, this is vicious propaganda by Oxford and Cambridge to remove the blot of slavery from the Europeans. If there is an iota of truth in such vile propaganda, it is only that they were misled by the cunning Europeans. I prefer to believe that Indians are capable of such crimes, not blacks. They are too simplistic and naïve.

The present down turn in the economy is the making of Kamla and Roodal Moonilal. They squandered the money. When the PNM was in power T&T was a paradise. For more than 47 years PNM ruled and there was no unemployment, cost of living was always low and crime was never heard of. Now that the people made the mistake and allowed the PPP to rule for five years, the economy has declined drastically with little hope of recovery.

As for child marriage legislations, this was necessary to stop elderly Indian men from marrying child brides. If these legislations were not passed the Maha Sabha would have continued this disgraceful and immoral activity all in the name of culture. Not surprisingly we are now witnessing several elderly males charged with statutory rape and being escorted by police officers to court. This is not the way black people live. Child bride is part of Indian culture brought from India. Africans don’t rape innocent children. Countries like South Africa and Liberia have the lowest rape statistics in the world.

Racial discords were never part of calypso culture. It is now so because of Massive Gosein. Black people sing fun-loving songs full of picongs but never racist in content. It is stinking mouth Indians like Massive Gosein that are spreading their dirty lyrics and causing divisions in this PNM paradise. When Cro-Cro and Sugar Aloes sang they spread love and racial harmony. They never insulted Indian leaders. They have always been high in praise of Kamla, Sat and Panday. Massive must learn from these masters of the art form.

Even Hollywood has acknowledged the purity of the black man’s heart so much so that when a director wants to portray God, the acceptable norm is to choose a Black actor like Morgan Freeman. Black people are closest to God. They are innocent babes!

If Black people have committed crime against humanity and have been cruel to their countrymen, it is because the leaders are manipulated by the Americans, Europeans and others.  Idi Amin of Uganda was a creation of the British. The killing of Tutsi and Hutu in Rwanda was the machination of the Belgians. All the crimes committed by leaders in Africa against their own people were manipulated by foreigners. Left to rule on their own, Black leaders would make their countries the envy of all as can be seen in Haiti.

Once again, I want to thank B. Winter for shedding light into my dark heart. I wish to promise him that I would make all efforts to learn from the sincerity and goodness of Black people. I consider myself blessed and privileged to be living in Trinidad and Tobago, a country with people who are so innocent and pure in heart. Didn’t Jesus say, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God?”