Black People like Keith Rowley are always Innocent

Black People like Keith Rowley are always Innocent
Photo : Keith Rowley

In Hollywood Black actors like Morgan Freeman have very often been cast in the role of God. Not all actors have the character to play such a role. Most have ancestral baggage like slavery, genocide and invasion, all the evils of history stacked against then. Even Whoopi Goldberg has performed one of the more memorable roles as a nun. Though it was a comedy, her choice for the role was most appropriate because of her innocent and clean hands. It is only the pure in heart that help us to laugh and being black certainly contributes to that as can be seen in the comedian Kenneth Seepersad.

Our PM is the fairest man in the politics. He has no tract record as a thief and for Moonilal to divulge bank accounts and emails in Parliament is not only misleading but also sacrilegious. How can people who are so often given the role of playing God to millions of movie goers around the world be accused of such low actions? This act of Moonilal is unpardonable. Rowley was accused in the past for Taurus and it turned out to be a fake. Later he was accused of Landate and was cleared by the Integrity Commission.  He was accused for “fraud” in the construction of houses at Cleaver Woods in Arima and again, the charge turned out to be false and misleading.

Rowley has always demonstrated high morals in public life. He is on tape making a public appeal to citizens and more directly to the Opposition “to do unto others what you would like others do unto you.” This Is Rowley. Like Fitz Hinds, he has always taken a moral high ground where morality in public life is concerned.

Photo : Roodal Moonilal

Moonilal must apologise or face the court. He Is given fourteen days to do so. I am concerned about the wellbeing of Moonilal. I would not like him to go to jail. I am making a public appeal to him to apologise for defaming this noble man under the guise of parliamentary privileges. And don’t ask me why Rowley was not brought before the Privileges Committee of Parliament when he made allegations against former Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and members of her Cabinet including Roodal Moonilal, Suruj Rambachan and Anand Ramlogan.

 By virtue of being Black Rowley is naturally more patriotic and caring for the welfare of the society than Moonilal. The latter is yet to advance to such a high moral ground! Being a child of the murky lagoon it would be near impossible for him to rise to such high moral ground.

Dr Rowley appears to have a taste for young women. Most “old men” secretly long to be in the company of young women. Again, he is open about. When he was caught on camera wining on a teenager on Carnival day, he was doing so in the full view of the public and not behind closed doors. Again, this act demonstrates that Keith Rowley is a man of class! He is very open and transparent in all that he does! How can such a gentleman indulge in fraudulent activities? Taking a wine on a teenager…yes but stealing from the national patrimony…no…no…no!

However, should Moonilal with his rotten mind be seen in the company of young ladies, the guardians of our morality would have to swing into action to arrest this travesty of morality. Winfred James, Peter Daly,  Sunnity Best, Raffique Shah, the Archbishop of Port of Spain and the Hindu Women Group would have to sound the thunderous alarm bells to safeguard public morality. Also, the calypso fraternity would make minced meat of Moonilal. Cro Cro and Chalk Dust would pour lyrics of molten lead into Moonilal’s ears and condemn him to hell’s fire and brimstone. His entire family and race would be painted as corrupt.

The reality is that Blacks are the only group who are entitled to pelt stones at others because they are poor, live in shacks built with recycled materials in ghettos; not in mansions with glass-windows. This psychology of poverty…sorry… black urban ghetto poverty is the future of T&T.

I humbly recommend that because Rowley is a Black man without a historical baggage of rape, plunder, enslavement, etcetera that he needs to be given the benefit of the doubt. Matter dismissed! Moonilal must pay damages to Keith Rowley and all his legal fees.