Photo : Vassan Ramracha

Trinidad blacks, as a group, are a privilege race. This does not mean all blacks in Trinidad are rich or middle class. But blacks in Trinidad, especially the governing elite, have arrogated unto themselves certain ‘privilege assumptions’ that they can take major actions, in government decision making, that other races or sub-groups cannot take without major rioting or political upheaval, following such decisions. Trinidad blacks can take actions inside and outside the law, which other ethnic/racial groups would not dare to even contemplate. Trinidad blacks believe they own the government, courts, bureaucracy and the armed forces. These ‘WESTMOORINGS ELITIST BLACKS,’ believe they exist in a world, where no one can challenge their authority or ‘PRIVIELEDGED ASSUMPTIONS.’

Much of the ‘PRIVILEDGED ASSUMTIONS’ of the ‘WESTMOORINGS BLACKS’ often trickled down to the lower level blacks. Lower level blacks often see themselves as first in line for government jobs, housing, and scholarships etc.  The behavior of blacks against Indians is driven by these ‘PRIVILEDGE ASSUMPTIONS’ that encourage Afro-Trinis to think that whatever actions are taken against Indians will go unchallenged. In Trinidad and Guyana. For example, these ‘WESTMOORINGS BLACK LEADERS’ have, on many occasions, jailed or abused Indian leaders, without fear. When

‘WESTMOORINGS BLACKS’ act in an arrogant manner and get away, that behaviour trickles down signals or  provide socio-political cues  to the lower level/rank and file blacks.  They also,ENJOY some ‘ASSUMED PRIVILEDGES’ in regards to Indians and other ethnic groups. When the ‘WESTMOORINGS BLACKS’ in the higher up socio-political ranks join the rank and file blacks, they can intensify the smorgasbord of abuse against Indians and others. Black privilege can be seen at all levels of interactions with Indians.

 A black clerk has more power than an Indian supervisor in the some government department, agency or ministry. A black man can show up late for work or leave early, without having any fear of being punished. A black man expects, when dining out with Indians, the Indians have to pay the bills. When Caroni workers were laid off, it impacted over 60 thousand Indian family members. We Indians are expected to obey the rules of law, and not riot or cause trouble. The OWTU said, ‘THEY ARE NOT CARONI WORKERS,’ in other words, they are not Indians going to allow other to ride roughshod over them.

When laid off, will Black oil field workers of Petrotrin follow the rule of law. I think not, unless they are given guarantees of good compensations. If these guarantees are not forth coming, there will be massive disruptions by OWTU to preserve their black privileges. Many Caroni workers are still waiting for their promised compensation. Over the years, Indians have been programmed, by the black ‘WESTMOORINGS ELITE,’ the black ‘RANK AND FILE’ and INDIAN SOCIALISTS LEADERS across the Caribbean to have low expectations on their socio-economic treatments in Caribbean society. Indians are told if they demand EQUITY and JUSTICE that is on PAR with the blacks, they would be acting in a racist manner. Such low expectations have become the norm, among the Indian community and especially among the INDIAN SOCIALIST LEADRSHIP. Has any 'Indian' government leader ever jailed any African political leader or Chief Justice or put them under house arrest? The answer is a definite no. The Indian leaders need either a new political soft ware or some strategy to boost Indian privileges or to improve their socio-economic and political treatment, and combat Afro-political oppressions of Indians.