Centenarian Sadvi Phool Jankie of Princes Town Passes On

Centenarian Sadvi Phool Jankie of Princes Town Passes On
Photo : Sadvi Phool Jankie

Centenarian Sadvi Phool Jankie of the Jankijyotir Ashram of 120 Mandingo Road, Princes Town has passed on. She was the wife of the late Sadhu Teeluck Jankie.

Recently she was visited by ICDN.Today, interviewed and video recorded and the content posted on ICDN.Today.  Last year she was visited by officers of Indian High Commission led by His Excellency Biswadip Dey. Her life was highlighted in a special collection of elders of the Indian diaspora pioneered by His Excellency.

Sadvi Phool Jankie is the proud mother of several sons and daughters who have followed in her footsteps. Among them are Arjune Teeluck, Ariti Jankie and Seeta Persad.

Sadvi Phool Jankie has been a vegetarian all her life and has been a motherly figure not only to her children and grandchildren but to the entire community of Mandingo Road. Always soft spoken and with a ready smile on her face, she was known for her penchant for cleanliness. She always prepared her home cooked meals which she generously shared with all.

Sadvi was always supported by her husband, the late Sadhu Teeluck Jankie. Together they did everything on their path to ensure that they and their children always walk the path of dharma. Despite the many challenges of life Sadvi Phool was always ready to support the aspiration of all her children. Her personality was wide and embracing like the bough of a banyan tree.

The path of dharma  paved by  Sadvi Phool and Sadhu Teeluck would continue to be walked by their children and grandchildren. Seeta Persad and Ariti Jankie are household names known throughout the diaspora for their contribution to dharma; her other children were definitely no less.

ICDN. Today joins with the national community in paying salutations and respect to Ma Sadvi Phool Jankie. Her contribution to dharma is a debt that we shall never be able to repay.

I know that she is going to re-unite with Bhagawan and her ancestors.

Funeral arrangements have not been finalized but would be made available soon.