Charge PNM Ministers for Corruption too

Charge PNM Ministers for Corruption too
Photo : Vassan Ramracha

In my life time will I ever live to see any elite African PNM arrested and placed on trial especially around elections time? I am now 62 and as an Indian I am made to believe ONLY Indian politicians, lawyers and judges are hunted for ' White Colour Crime'.

Why the citizens of Trinidad are made to understand that some 50 years of African PNM rule in Trinidad NO one from the PNM camp was arrested or hunted down for similar crime as in the case of Anand Ramlogan and Ramdeen? In the history of Trinidad and Guyana it is Indian leaders who are hunted down by African leaders and put on trial for corruption. In Guyana former President Jagdeo and other high-ranking members of his PPP party are hauled in for questioning on corruptions charges.

                                                   In Trinidad Prime Minister Basdeo Panday was imprisoned and the Chief Justice Sat Sharma was hunted down by African PNM and removed as Chief Justice. ln Trinidad the whole series 'E'$ disappeared in Eric Williams’ time. No one was arrested on the Calder Hart scandal issue; not even Patrick Manning when the evidence of corruptions was blowing in the wind.

In Guyana the African PNC ruled for 33 years and bankrupt the country. No one was even investigated for crime or corruptions. What is the answer for Indians hunted down by their African opponents? And if there is no reciprocation by Indians it would be sitting in FEAR.  


Indian leaders are fearful of prosecuting African leaders for the following reasons:

1. Indian leaders have no confidence or control of the armed forces;

2.   Indian leaders do not have a bureaucracy to depend on; and

3.  The African leaders can activate their lower class voters base to take the streets violently.


The failure of Indian leaders to entrench their base with power in and out of government is a recipe for more Indian leaders to be hounded down in the future.


 Vassan Ramracha is a political and human rights activist living in the USA.