Photo : Vassan Ramracha

CLUB 66 [ 33 + 32 = 66 PNC Arithmetic] U - Flag Movement is a response to African PNC continuous violation and disrespect of the Law and Guyana Constitutions. U - Flag Movement means it's time for Indo/ Guyanese to hoist their own flag by creating two states solutions to Guyana’s ongoing ethnic political problems. It's not a question who hate who. It's more of a question of which ethnic groups is constantly violating the Laws and the Constitutions of Guyana by means of violent behavior. This takes place with the blessing of the Armed Forces lending support to a superior privilege to everything over the Indian race. In the early history of Guyana both the African and Indians were brought to Guyana NOT to show brotherly love but to work and accumulate revenue for Europe.


In the late fifties to early sixties both the Africans and the Indians wanted to rule Guyana and take ownerships of its national resources.


Burnham outfoxed Marxist Jagan and sided with the British and  C.I.A.   to remove Premier Jagan. America was not having another Cuba or Cuba crisis in South America. Dr. Jagan failed to recognize America power in this region and Mr. Burnham was placed in power as the first Prime Minister of Guyana even though the C. I. A. considered Jagan to be an honest, a parliamentarian and a protector of free and fair elections. The C.I.A. considered Mr. Burnham quite the opposite- corrupt, dishonest, a racist and Machiavellian who ruled without regard of law INDEPENDENCE MOVEMENTS - WHO BROUGHT THE CURSE. In 1990 Burnham entrenched his ethnic PNC - African base in all governmental institutions, especially the armed forces to 22,000 or more. Burnham now had the power to do whatever he wanted knowing Marxists Jagan would not oppose him on any ethnic issues.


Mr. Burnham by a fraudulent referendum of 95% approval declared himself President for life with a making of Guyana Constitution, Court System and a Bureaucracy that is still intact today. Burnham, to silent any opposing views, passed the Preventive Act, arrest without trial up to 90 days.




 Guyana is plagued with a curse by the African PNC founding Fathers who from the beginning of Guyana Independence movement indulged in fraudulent elections, demonstrating no civility and used corrupted laws to keep in power that trickled  down even today.


                                INDIANS NEED A NEW POLITICAL SOFTWARE. 

Indians in Guyana can no longer operate on the same Jagan software. Indians cannot just be respondents, Indians need to be more combative and in control of their narrative in Guyana and ask themselves if the present system is applicable to the Indian race, civilizations and way of life or it's time of the meeting of the minds to seek


Dual citizenship should be given to all Diaspora Guyanese who has a slavery and indentured narrative. [Either by blood jus sanguini] or by birth [ jus sol]. Note - When PNC dug a hole on Mr. Charrandass citizenship automatically a hole was dug for APNU MP's as well.



The INTENT and behavior of PNC - African NOT to give up power based on Mr. Charrandass vote and the first court ruling and before second court ruling and the pending of the CCJ decisions- should be clear to the Indian race.  The court or constitution does not matter to the African PNC. The African PNC is NO SUPER POWER; the changing of the Indian mind will make the TWO STATES SOLUTIONS a reality.

Note. Mr. Charrandass Persaud [MP] needs to return to Guyana and educate his base on a two states solution.