Conference on Needs of Mandirs plan for December

Conference on Needs of Mandirs plan for December

For the 1st time, Hindus in Trinidad and Tobago are coming together for a three-day conference to address issues and challenges facing the Hindu Mandirs in Trinidad and Tobago. Sat Maharaj of the Maha Sabha, Pandit Hardeo Persad of SWAHA, Swami Prakashananda of Chinmaya Mission and Ravi Ji of the Hindu Prachaar Kendra have been appointed Conference Advisors.

Titled “The Hindu Mandirs’ Conference of Trinidad and Tobago (HMCTT),” this initiative has for its motto:  Working Together to Grow and Sustain Our Mandirs. “Given the current state of insularity of our mandirs, our Committee has recognised the need for Hindus to provide a common platform for Hindus to address common issues and challenges,” said Deoroop Teemal, Chair of HMCTT.

Scheduled to be held from Friday December 07, to Sunday December 09, 2018 at the Bisram Gopie Bhavan, NCIC Divali Nagar, Narsaloo Ramaya Marg, Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago, the Conference has the following objectives: 

  • To create a collective local platform on which leaders, managers, researchers, policy makers, scholars and activists can get others to identify needs and challenges in order to arrive at an action plan;
  • To connect and network with leaders;
  • To identify the needs of mandirs and strategies to fulfil those needs; 
  • To identify and discuss issues and challenges and find solutions;
  • To share information, build collaboration and strengthen networks among mandirs;
  • To expand the role of mandirs in an effort to address the needs of the people;
  • To encourage study and research;
  • To encourage mandirs to engage in national, civic and ecological engagements. 


The Conference will address concerns of the mandirs under the following themes:

  • The Mandir- Narratives, Experience and Perspectives;
  • Governance, Leadership & institutional strengthening;
  • Programmes and activities of mandirs, community outreach and civic engagement;
  • Hindu youth and the mandir;
  • Hindu family and the mandir;
  • Use of digital technology & innovation in the mandir.


Who should attend the Conference?

The Conference is opened to:

  • leaders, managers and members of mandirs;
  • leaders of institutions engaged with mandirs;
  •  pandits, archaryas and other personnel;
  • researchers and scholars with interest in developing and strengthening the mandir.


Presentation of papers at the Conference can be any one of the following research presentation:

  • narrative presentation;
  • poster presentation;
  • roundtable presentation;
  • other creative presentation.


Presentations will be on themes with three (3) presentations in a block of 75 minutes; four (4) presentations in a block of 100 minutes. Papers should not be more than 3000- 7,000 words and formatted in MS Words, single-spaced lines, using 12 Times New Roman, APA style, and must be submitted by November 22, 2018.

For further information, contact the following:


Mail: HMCTT, C/o Teem Engineering Systems Limited, 2 Macoya Road, Tunapuna

Contacts: 662-6243 (Teem Engineering Systems Limited)

Fax: 662-6702 ((Teem Engineering Systems Limited)

Deoroop Teemal, Chairman:  678-6462/ 6632955

Pandit Amar Seepersad, Vice Chairman: 365-4593

Pandita Indrani Rampersad: 759-1804

Navin Ramnanan Committee Secretary: 387-5005


Facebook: Hindu Mandirs’ Conference, Trinidad and Tobago-HMCTT