Deyalsingh is toxic and a threat to the nation’s health

Deyalsingh is toxic and a threat to the nation’s health

Photo : Terrence Deyalsingh

It was rumoured that a few months prior to the last General Elections in Guyana the US offered more than 75,000 visas to mainly Indo Guyanese. When the election bell was rung, Indians were flying out to the US to join with families and friends to eat burgers and visit Disneyland. The victory of the PNC resulted in Exon Mobil negotiating a “steal of a deal” in the petroleum sector with the newly elected government, thus achieving its objectives.

This individualistic mentality has become the bane of Indians in the Caribbean and today they are paying dearly for it. North America and Europe is a social and cultural nightmare for Indians, both from India and the Caribbean. In less than two generations Indo American youths are being Americanized. While there is some resistance to assimilation, one cannot ignore the reality of increasing rates of intermarriage and the losing of customs and traditions.

The Caribbean is our Kurushetra and if the Arjunas are to flee the battlefield, then the Terrence Deyalsinghs and the Clarence Rambharats are going to be the heroes of the day. Could you imagine if the best examples of Indians in T&T are those spineless PNM Indians!  Deyalsingh, for example, is toxic and anything he touches is going to be ruined. As Minister of Health he has contaminated the health system with his incompetence. His griping facial demeanour is unbecoming of a leader of a wellness ministry. Deyalsingh’s conduct compromises the health of the nation. His tone of voice during debates in Parliament does not shed light on the subject matter but insults, sneers and talks down to his opponents. It can be concluded that it is Deyalsingh’s haughtiness and empty rhetoric that has the nation so sick!

Today, health is the achilles heel of this Rowley administration! The Prime Minister must intervene swiftly to ensure that there is not a total collapse. I am confident that the nation would be much better off with someone like Lovell Francis as Minister of Health. He would certainly bring some humility and intelligence to the ministry and many of his former students and colleagues at the university would agree with me.

The following anecdote would help the nation in dealing with the likes of the Deyalsinghs. Swami Vivekananda was walking one day when a horde of monkeys came after him. Scared, Swamiji began retreating in fear. There and then, he heard a voice: “Face the brutes.” Swamiji heeded the command and stood his ground. The monkeys stopped on their tracks and quietly scattered.

Indo Trinidadians have to stand up and face the brutes! If Indians’ modus operandi is to run, then they would exchange their franchise for a visa as they did in Guyana. More so, the legitimate voices would be silenced and the Deyalsingh’s contributions in Parliament will prevail and not the intellectual insights of Bhoe Tewarie and Suruj Rambachan. Could you imagine what utter garbage Deyalsingh would accumulate in Hansard by 2020! Certainly, we cannot afford to have him as the gold standard of Indian intelligence in this country!

Bhadase Sagan Maraj is a prototype of the brave, strong, fearless Indian. He was a wrestler and feared no one. He toiled and built a business empire. He started the Caroni Indian Association in the 1940s which was a voice for Indians. In 1950 he was a member of the Legislative Council. In 1952 he brought together the Hindu community and formed the Maha Sabha and built several schools to educate illiterate Hindus in the rural districts. He was also the leader of the All Trinidad Sugar Estates and Factory Workers Trade Union and in 1955 he formed the People’s Democratic Party and served as Opposition Leader. Bhadase Maraj’s legacy lives on in the excellent performance of the Maha Sabha in education, broadcasting and the preservation and propagation of Hindu dharma which is a symbol of diversity and acceptance in this age of religious fundamentalism and terrorism.

That is the high standard that the Indian community is known for. Unfortunately we are today saddled with Deyalsingh spewing poison in the sacred and sanctified hall of Parliament. This is what happens when someone is out of his depth. Bhoe Tiwarie speaking following Deyalsingh’s contribution in Parliament must have been unsettling for the latter. Not surprisingly he was continuously making objections during Tiwarie’s contribution. Despite his interruptions, Tiwarie succeeded in exposing the irrelevance of his contributions. Deyalsingh is only poison!

The rude, crude and incompetent don’t encourage debates.  The ‘marabuntas-fat-ass brigade culture’ in the PNM set the tone in the early 1960s. The ‘fat-ass brigrade’ bending forward, raising their skirts and  exposing their panties was a weapon of mass disgust used by the PNM. Could you imagine what images descended that day in 1961 when the fat-ass brigade descended on the DLP’s rally at the Queen’s Park Savannah! Not only the marabuntas were vociferously supporting the fat-ass brigade but also members of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service. Despite repeated appeals to the police by Dr Rudranath Capildeo for their intervention, the police stood there and did nothing to save the day.

Today the descendants of the marabuntas and the fat-ass brigade are engaging and challenging the authority of the state. The boomeranging of the events of 1961 is upon us and the same police force that protected the disrespect and lawlessness then now has a social responsibility to put this wrong right. The PNM under Rowley must soon realise that a criminal is a criminal and only the full brunt of the law would bring about such changes.

Indians need to heed the advice of Swamiji-face the brutes- or perish. T&T is today a Dandaka forest where the Tatakas, Mariches and Soorpanakyas are threatening the peace. Could you imagine that an intellect of the calibre of Dr Bhoe Tiwarie is constantly interrupted in the Parliament while Deyalsingh,  Rowley and Hinds are allowed to pontificate on moral uprightness!

Parliament is now being called upon to give good and credible reasons according to law as to why Dulalchan’s selction for the post of top cop was voted against by the government. Hope that Deyalsingh can bail the PNM out of the gutter into which it has fallen.