Disrobing Trinidad

 Disrobing Trinidad
Photo : Vassan Ramracha

The PNM’s Family Day, unfortunately, turned out to be an education in how to molest an Indian woman. The skit, illustrating an episode in the Mahabharata, turned out to be a sexual harassment guide book.

The perpetrators of this infamous skit failed to grasp the lesson of the Mahabharata which is a woman's right to stand up to men to protect her honour. The disrobing of Drupathi, in the Mahabharata is first in recorded history of a woman standing up for her rights; and more so, challenging the authority of a man to make decisions concerning her, without her input. This is unlike Semitic culture where the women are made subservient to men.

As a civilized people, we should be proud that women were standing up for their rights since ancient times. Indian women are proud of this episode in the Mahabharata that provides them with the power to make decisions pertaining to the rights and welfare. It was not uncommon for Indian women to lead their armies in battles. A popular case in point was the Queen of Jhansi, North India, who led her army to battle in the First War of Independence in 1857.

 A Family Day, with young children and women, turned into a rape education convention.

Men, calling themselves PNM gorillas, engaged in a skit removing a yellow sari from a woman. The PNM cult showed their insatiable lust and disrespect for all women.  They laughed and jeered, lapping up the despicable act.

 To think that the African-Negro Oligarch Collective Class can allow this barbaric display for fun and entertainment on a family day begs the question: how far will the PNM cult go to satiate their carnal pleasures?

Where had T&T gone wrong? There is much unfinished work to be done if this nation is to move forward!

  Indians will be celebrating Raksha Bandhan, a pledge of a brother to protect his sister from sexual vultures, rapists, and misogynists. No descent male can tolerate and overlook such physical aggression experienced at that Family Day. Such aggression must be denounced at all cost.  The PNM must never have unbridled rights in this land. If that is their belief, then they must be disappointed.

 Indian culture imposes among Indians the necessity to defend the honour of their women folk, if even at the risk of their lives. All males have a moral obligation to protect their female members from sexual predators!

Former President Ellis Clarke said that the country was not ready for an Indian Prime

Minister. The question must be asked: Is T&T ready for the Arab 1%?  It appears that the PNM house slave mentality is not diminishing but expanding under the leadership of Dr Keith Rowley!       

And, as for the earthquake that rock the country on Tuesday, can we conclude that it was a disrobing PNM Trinidad?


Happy Raksha Bandhan /   

SITA RAM. Trinidad Mata Ki Jai.

Vassan Ramracha. /  Rennie Ramracha