Don’t be fooled by Dave Persad

Don’t be fooled by Dave Persad
Photo : Dave Persad

Don’t be fooled by the revelations of Dave Persad. His accusations of wrong doing by the staff of the T&T Embassy in New Delhi must be taken with a pinch of salt. If there is any truth in his report, it can only be dismissed as karmic-punishment for his low and deceitful character.

I am no lover of the PNM and I am not making a choice between the PNM and Dave Persad. The truth is that people like Dave Persad should have no place in the politics of the country. It is this negative behaviour parading as politics that have this country where it is today. It is unimaginable the level to which people like Dave Persad can stoop! But politics makes strange bed fellows and it was only natural that Dave Persad would come to associate with the Kamla-led UNC.

UNC is a party of political opportunists and Dave Persad is not numero uno. You don’t need to have a track record of working with the UNC. That does not carry any merit.  It is how well you can ingratiate yourself to the leadership that promotes upward mobility.

No one knows Dave Persad’s contribution to the UNC.  It was certain that he did not campaign for the People’s Partnership in the 2010 General Elections. He was appointed an alderman and chairman of the Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation- power was given to him on a platter.

Dave Persad has a history of fighting Basdeo Panday.  Accusing Basdeo Panday of corruption and inefficiency in the administration of the All Trinidad Estate and Factory Workers Trade Union, Dave Paersad challenged Basdeo Panday more than once for leadership of the union and was defeated each time. Persad must be complimented for displaying such courage to fight a lion! At the same time he must be examined closely for his political madness, knowing fully well that he never had a chance of defeating Basdeo Panday. But that was political charade!

The question must be asked: Was Dave Persad justified in challenging Basdeo Panday? Is it true that Dave Persad was the beneficiary of a scholarship from the All Trinidad Sugar Estate and Factory Workers Trade Union that saw him through university? I understand that the scholarship was granted on condition that Persad would return and serve the sugar workers union. Unfortunately, this was not done. Instead, Dave Persad launched a vicious campaign against Basdeo Panday accusing him of “riding sugar workers’ backs” and many other unsavoury accusations.

Persad’s neemakharamism was embraced by the People’s Partnership. For his enmity with Basdeo Panday, he was held up as a dharamatma and handsomely rewarded with the privileged position of Chairman of the Couva/Tabaquite/ Talparo Regional Corporation. His relationship with the UNC was not built on any principle as such but on a common dislike for Basdeo Panday.

Dave Persad’s culture of betrayal has now integrated into his character. It was, therefore, not surprising to many that when the election’s bell was rung for the 2015 General Elections, Dave Persad crossed the floor and joined the PNM camp. With no achievement to boast about after three years as chair of one of the largest regional corporations, he went on a tirade against Kamla Persad-Bissessar and her government.

What goes around comes around and today Dave Persad is running to every media house crying foul on  T&T High Commission’ s staff in New Delhi, India.  He claimed that the staff did not show him respect or carry out his instructions. He is now complaining about misappropriation of funds and no accountability.

What moral authority does Dave Persad have to talk about others’ behaviour?  Instead of Dave Persad complaining about others, he should place the search light on himself. Possibly, his staff at the Embassy sees no reason why they should have a political opportunist as their boss!

Prime Minister Keith Rowley’s failure to respond to complaints made by Dave Persad is consistent with the history of the PNM with respect to PNM Indians. Dave Parsad should thank his lucky stars that he was not placed under house arrest. But it seems that people like Dave Persad cannot learn from experiences of previous PNM Indians who have fallen victims to the PNM sword. Dave Persad needs to accept that he has token value in the PNM.

A PNM Indian who holds a senior position in URP in Central Trinidad is using  his office to accuse the few Indians employed of being UNC supporters. These workers are threatened that if they are seen in UNC rallies they would be fired. The few Indian workers employed live in fear of this PNM Indian. But his time would come to a close soon. All PNM Indians have one future -the fate of Occah.

Indians who support the PNM do not hold their heads high. They are generally people who have “drunk” their shame.  The recent “sari skit” should have been condemned vociferously by PNM Indians but this they would never do. Like dogs, these PNM Indians keep coming back to Balishier House wagging their tales, even after they have been driven out and the gates have shut behind them.

Dave Persad should not lose hope because he is not alone.