Dr. Satish on “The Veda Today”

Dr. Satish on “The Veda Today”
Photo : Dr. Satish Prakash
Hindu scholar and educator Dr. Satish Prakash, an Arya Samaj Missionary, launched a book entitled "Rigveda Mani Malala: Gems from the Rigveda" last Saturday (April 7). It was held at the Maharshi Dayanand Gurukula on 150th Street, Jamaica, Queens. Dr. Satish is fondly referred to as “Guruji” of the Gurukula or the Vyakaranacharya
He has traveled extensively around the globe delivering talks and pravachan (sermon) on the Vedas and on various Hindu scriptures. The weekend’s presentation focused on the relevance of the "Rigveda in Daily Living”.  The Rigveda is one of the four Vedas which is a collection of ancient Vedic hymns in the Sanskrit language.
The Vedas are among the oldest scriptures dating back to some  thousands of years. Together there are 20,358 mantras. The Rigveda alone comprises 10,522 mantras. 
The capacity audience of about 250 was excited over the introduction of the Vedas which had seemed obscure to them previously. Through Dr Satish's skillful translation and commentaries, he was able to bring the Vedas within the understanding of ordinary folks. The thirst for knowledge on the Vedas was evident.
It was described by attendees as one of the most inspiring religious workshops in New York City. Commenting on the discourse, Dr. Tara Singh noted that Dr Satish Prakash demonstrated very easily why he is one of the brightest lights of Hinduism in the West. He
Dr. Singh stated he was most pleased to be a part of the audience and have come out of that experience with some great ideas.
He explained that “one of the best sets of Rigveda mantras relate to charity and humanitarian work. It reinforces my own belief that charity is the essence of religion”. The Indo-Caribbean community need more good leaders to show the way ahead in explain the scriptures.