Dr. Swamy Addresses Diaspora in Jersey

Dr. Swamy Addresses Diaspora in Jersey

Photo : Dr. Subramaniam Swamy

Dr. Subramaniam Swamy, BJP leader and Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament, addressed a diaspora gathering in Edison, NJ, on April 9 at the auditorium of Asia Tv. The station is owned by businessman HR Shah and is shown around the world including in the Caribbean.

Dr. Swamy is an outstanding scholar (Economics, Law) who was a Professor at Harvard. He served as Minister of Government in India. He is familiar with the Indo-Caribbean community having previously addressed them at gatherings in New York. Several Indo-Caribbean also campaigned for Dr. Swamy when he ran for political office in India and some of them helped to organize his frequent programs over the years in the greater New York area.

Dr. Swamy was in New York to attend the 14th Annual India Business Conference being held at Columbia University. It was hosted by the South Asian Business Association. He spoke on the state of the Indian economy.

Swamy-ji was warmly welcomed by TV Asia chairman and CEO, H R Shah. He was very articulate in his presentation touching on several subjects having to do with politics, religions, and the economy.

Dr Swamy fielded questions from the large gathering of community leaders. According to the BJP MP, the ruling party and its allies are “well set” to get a majority in the 2019 general elections.  Elections will be held in April and May 2020.

Dr. Swamy said the BJP “will eliminate any remnants of corruption in its second term.” The preceding Congress led government was widely seen as being extremely corrupt.

Before his address to the gathering, Dr Swamy was interviewed by Rohit Vyas, TV Asia News Director and Anchor.