Ethnic fear and infatuation influencing policies in this land

Ethnic fear and infatuation influencing policies in this land

Photo : Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley

Failure of leaders to speak up when there is wrong is a major contributor to evil in society. This attitude of leaders to turn a blind eye to wrong is well illustrated in the Mahabharat. The blind King, Dritarastra - a caretaker government- refused to inform his sons that they were not the natural heirs to the throne. The elder of the royal family, Bhishma, sat in the court, anxiously awaiting the king’s announcement to his sons that the natural heir to the kingdom was their cousin, Yudhistir. The King did not have the courage to do so because he was blinded by filial infatuation. The consequence of his inaction was war.

How many of our citizens and leaders in T&T are blinded by racial and other infatuations and are hesitant to stand by the side of merit! Because of this blindness the best persons are never appointed to positions of authority in this country. It begins with the Office of the Prime Minister. Was the current Prime Minister the better choice for the job in 2015?

Why is the Chief Justice still in office? After so many allegations of him compromising his office to secure favours from the Executive for his friends and associates, Ivor Archie continues to prevail as Chief Justice of Trinidad and Tobago. Why is the Prime Minister failing to initiate proceedings for his removal from office? Has the Prime Minister forgotten how swiftly the Manning administration moved against former Chief Justice, Sat Sharma, though the latter was innocent of all wrong doings? Why the hesitation to act now?

The failure of the Minister of National Security to make citizens feel safe warrants the intervention of the PM and his Cabinet to find a replacement for the current minister. Instead, Edmund Dillon continues to serve as minister with the full backing of the Prime Minister. So far, this Minister of National Security has failed to articulate a crime plan for the nation. 2018 is here and the month of January recorded 62 murders, the highest for any month in the history of the country. The entire nation is living in fear as Dillon’s incompetence continues to embolden the criminal elements.

Again, how do we explain the recent appointment of Makeda Antoine, a political appointee as Ambassador to the Permanent Mission of the United Nations Office in Geneva, Switzerland? It was clear that the government’s choice of Antoine was influenced by party affiliation and not by the welfare of the nation. Is this young woman a relative or friend of some senior official of government? This appointment was a slap on the face of career diplomats who would have brought to bear their knowledge, experience and professionalism to such an office.

When Reshmi Ramnarine was promoted to the head of the Security Intelligence Agency (SIA) under the PP administration, she was hounded out of office. After resigning her post, Dr Keith Rowley persisted with his persecution of this Indian girl. Reshmi attempted to change her identity but the PNM mercilessly exposed her new identity to the public. Makeda’s only qualification was that she served in a PNM Youth Club in Fyzabad. Such is the bias of the PNM!

When the PP Government was in power there were many ‘screaming headlines’ calling for the firing of minsters for minor infractions. Today, the media has compromised its integrity. The editors of the dailies are hand in gloves with the ruling party. Any criticism of the government is done in a most civil manner unlike what was played out when the PPP was in power.

Where are the Jittansinghs, the Ramcharans and the writer from Caroni? Their penchant to cuss an Indian woman was phenomenal! With the coming to power of Keith Rowley their manhood and valour have taken a nose dive. These former critics of the PP government have degenerated to a state of amnesia and are now housed in the same ward with Ancil Roget, President of OWTU and Kirk Waithe of Fixin’ T&T. Given their critical condition, marches and other public protests have now come to a standstill in T&T!

In T&T the best or most competent, both at the public and private sectors, are not given senior positions. Most appointments are given to family members, relatives and friends. The closure of TSTT offices across the country is the best example at the moment! TSTT was a company packed with party hacks. One cannot ignore the happenings at Petrotrin where salaries and wages is $2B TT annually inclusive of an overtime payment of $18 million per month.

Now we are witnessing the temerity of some to question the entire procedure adopted by the Police Service Commission in its selection of Dulalchan as the top candidate for Commissioner of Police. It is now clear that when the results do not go the PNMs way, they are prepared to destroy the entire process, even if it means the professional integrity of hard working and dedicated citizens.

Whatever unpleasant situations T&T is experiencing at present is only because a large number of its citizens are subscribing to it. It is now left to the people to play a more active role in the politics to ensure that there are checks and balances to safeguard their rights.