Farewell Shri Bishwadip Dey

Farewell Shri Bishwadip Dey
Photo : His Excellency, Shri Bishwadip Dey, Indian High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago

February 3, 2019

Farewell Shri Bishwadip Dey

His Excellency, Shri Bishwadip Dey,

Indian High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago,

Office of the Indian High Commission,

6 Victoria Street, Port-of-Spain

His Excellency:

This is an immortal moment. In one human coil, we have the attributes of a person of a high order of integrity, versed in Hindi, a political thinker, a philosopher/king and a diplomat. This person is His Excellency, Shri Bishwadip Dey, who has probably walked with kings, yet maintained the common touch.

During the last 30 months as the High Commissioner for India in Trinidad and Tobago, His Excellency was able to rewrite the social, cultural, economic and political dimensions between our two countries and this was done within the highest perimeters of diplomacy in the process of forging new frontiers and opportunities. You were able to reignite and maintain conversations between our both countries. Notably among the several, was “Celebrating  the Elders” initiative to 30 communities ,which has had tremendous impact not only in the India diaspora, but the collective peoples of the nation state of Trinidad and Tobago.

Sir, you have created another renaissance on this side of the Atlantic, and probably the worldwide Indian diaspora,

Other noteworthy initiatives, were the commencement of the long-awaited Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Cultural Co-operation which was inked in 1968, between the late Prime Ministers Indira Gandhi and Dr Eric Williams. Increased activities in the ”Know in India Programme”(KIP), ITEC, cultural visits between both countries were exhilarated , Ministerial visits, increased economic  and political contacts.  You were very resourceful at all times, and met every one with the same smile, kindness and respect. The list continues unabated.

His Excellency, as you leave our shores to take up a similar position, nearer home, Bangladesh, I am sure that you will not only remember our creative carnival, Diwali celebrations of the dynamic and the progressive India diaspora, but also the warmth, peace, hospitality and friendship which you have graciously endeared yourself to us. But more than that, to quote from Lord Tennyson’s “GOODBYE”, ‘here I would like to shower on you. Whether, to believe it or not, your kindness will have a special place in our hearts, in our moments of darkness and peril, your wisdom and indomitable spirit of human kindness will be our torch, and for the rest of our lives your philosophical thoughts.’

May there be peace and goodwill, and prosperity and long life to you and your amiable family to help guide not only India and Trinidad and Tobago with new wisdom to lead our fragmented and troubled world to one of peace, order, concord and harmony, all of these values form integral factors in the world of diplomacy.

May I remind ourselves of Aristotle, the political thinker and master who knows: “In practical matters is not mere speculative knowledge of what is to be done, but rather the doing of it. It is not enough to know about virtue then, but we must endeavor to possess it and to use it…”

Little did Aristotle knew that he was talking about a diplomat from India.

With kindest regards.

Yours truly,



International Journalist/Public Affairs Commentator