Fascism in the Caribbean

Fascism in the Caribbean
Photo : Dool Hanomansingh

Fascism is defined as a right-wing political dictatorship to protect the status quo. Any perceived threat to entrenched power is met with resistance as was the case in Europe in the 1930s when right wing military dictatorships were born to stem the rising tide of communism. In Germany the Nazis targeted the Jewish who they blamed for Germany losing the 1st World War and the then poor state of the economy.

In Guyana, the PNC has a history of rigging elections for three decades. Indians were excluded from state administration, the armed forces and the police. These State institutions became arms of the ruling party and were used to perpetuate the “paramountcy of the party.” Agriculture-rice production, cane, dairy, fishing and lumber-suffered under the PNC. Fearful for the safety and security of their families, the majority Indian population fled in droves to destinations across the globe.

Today that ugly side of Guyana has returned with the PNC in power under Brigadier David Granger. Many suspected that it was Brigadier David Granger that directed the attacks by the army against the people that ensured the PNC stayed in power “by the barrel of a gun.” Once again Brigadier Granger is playing such a diabolical role to perpetuate the Blacks in power.

 On the December 21, 2018 the National Assembly voted 33-32 for a no-confidence motion against the Granger administration. The Speaker of the Assembly ruled that the no-confidence motion was valid. The Chief Justice upheld the ruling of the Speaker. However, the Supreme Court has now reversed that decision.  

Like Guyana, the government of Trinidad and Tobago has failed to reflect the ethnic diversity of the country. Both the Prime Minister and the President are Africans; Indians, though 37% of the population -the largest ethnic group in the country- are less than 17% of the Cabinet. Hindus that form 25% of the population is less than 7% of the Cabinet. Interestingly, the Indians who are embraced by the PNM are those who are highly creolized, that is, embracing Black creole culture, with an African spouse and professing to be Christians.

More than that, the 17% Indians have to be constantly barking at the Opposition, threatening to investigate farmers in Tableland for planting on State lands and to demolish their temple in Las Lomas.  Also, the PNM failed to open the Children’s Hospital to ease the overcrowding in the San Fernando General Hospital. At the same the time the Ministry of Health is actively building hospitals in Point Fortin and Arima! What a high price Terrence Deyalsingh pays to sit in Cabinet!

Recently the nation experienced the venom of the PNM when an independent body short-listed five names for the position of Commissioner of Police. Deodath Dulalchan who emerged number one was not appointed. Instead, his character was dragged into the mud and a number of false allegations were made against him.

The selection of a CoP was a miracle! Like a Messiah, Gary Griffith came to our rescue! The stone that was cast aside became the foundation stone!

And now the Government is bringing for debate to the House a Bill titled ‘The Civil Asset Recovery And Management and Unexplained Wealth Bill, 2019.’ The Attorney General who is piloting the Bill is saying that the ‘innocent has nothing to fear’ and the Bill is aimed at “taking the profit out of crime.”  Is he the same AG who reclused himself from Cabinet to have a decision taken for the government to rent a building where he has 50% shareholder’s equity?

While this Bill is being “rushed” the regulations to enforce The Public Procurement and Disposal of Property Act 2015 are yet to be proclaimed. The government continues to give contracts to its financiers without proper tendering procedures.

The PNM continues to appease its supporters and financiers. The Brian Lara Stadium was completed with an addition $90M but the Children’s Hospital, also built by the previous government remain shut.

Again, the PNM found $115m to complete a Diego Sporting Complex while the Ramai Trace Hindu School of Penal, the Reform Hindu School and the Debe Campus cannot the completed. Also, contractors, perceived to be aligned with the Opposition, are before the courts and cannot get moneys owed to them by the State while the 1% continues to receive contracts with no transparent tendering process.

The Oppositions, both in Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana, must accept the reality that fascism has to be defeated before democracy could be born. What has been bandied as democracy is only a charade with a few puppets dressed in jacket and tie and the puppeteers pulling their strings!