Gandhi Seva Sangh Honours Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi Seva Sangh Honours Mahatma Gandhi
Photo : Mayor of San Fernando, Junia Regrello, garlands statue of Mahatma Gandhi.

Junia Regrello, Mayor of San Fernando, garlanded the statue of Mahatma Gandhi at Harris Promenade, San Fernando last Tuesday, October 02.

The event was hosted by the Gandhi Seva Sangh on the Promenade to commemorate the Birth anniversary of Gandhi (1869-1948) by members of the Gandhi Seva Sangh. Founded in 1952, the first project of the Gandhi Seva Sangh was the installation of the Mahatma Gandhi Statue.

Mayor Regrello said: “I learned that it was the message of Gandhi that inspired Martin Luther King, Nelson Madela, John F. Kennedy and Barack Obama.” The Mayor wondered “what would have inspired Gandhi to transform his country the way he did?”

The Mayor identified Gandhi’s message of peace as “more relevant in today’s society in light of the violence in our schools,” making reference to a video where several students ganged up and beat a fellow student unconscious.

Photo : Jason Kissoon, President of Gandhi Seva Sangh honours Deoraj Seunarine.

Deoraj Suenarine, aka Dr Abracadabra, was honoured by the Gandhi Seva Sangh and presented with a shawl by the President of the Gandhi Seva Sangh, Jason Kissoon. Deoraj recalled 1952 when the statue of Gandhi arrived in San Fernando at Gopal Brothers on High Street.

Deoraj revealed: “As the crate was being opened we waited with bated breath. There was a solemn hush and pin drop silence. Not one of us uttered a word.  We were overwhelmed to see Bapuji as though he was alive in our presence…we gazed at each other and went on to touch his feet.”

Deoraj continued: “I was charged with the responsibility to stand on a moving van and announce to the public “Bapuji has arrived.” The van drove through High Street and into Mucurapo Street and down Sutton Street. Hundreds followed the van and when it returned to the Promenade there were thousands for the installation ceremony.”

Deoraj paid tribute to his brother, the late  Pandit Seusankar Seunarine, founder and first President and Bisram Gopie, founder and first Secretary of the Gandhi Seva Sangh. He also praised the contribution of Ramjass Ramlakhan who also served as President before his passing away a few years ago.

In 1952 when the statue was installed Deoraj had the privilege to sing ”Suno Suno aye duniya walo Bapuji ye amar kahani”- (Listen to the eternal story of Bapuji)- sung by Mohammed Rafi and to return sixty-six later to re-enact the song.