Ganga, Bhoe and Fuad show no concern for human decency, far less law and order.

Ganga, Bhoe and Fuad show no concern for human decency, far less law and order.

Photo : Bhoe Tewarie and Ganga Singh

I love Ganga, Bhoe and Fuad. You can always count on them to bore holes and defecate on the plates from which they have eaten. Their round about remarks on their voting in Parliament for a COP is not news to me. This is predictable and consistent behaviour-bland and routine. Only the foolish and naive people that form the leadership of the UNC who failed to acknowledge such deceitful characteristics of that trio.

It is clear that these individuals show no concern for human decency, far less law and order. If they can be so deceitful, ready to breach the constitution for personal gains and “friendship” then they are not to be trusted. Imagine Fuad Khan saying: “I was angry because Gary’s a friend of mine…” Friend! As an MP you have a duty toward your constituents, not your friend Gary! You have sworn allegiance to uphold the Constitution. Are these the individuals that Kamla has foisted on the people to safeguard their rights and freedom?

The fact remains that if the process was flawed for Deodath Doolalchan, then it is flawed for Gary Griffith. But that is too high a principle for the trio. It is clear that the trio are prepared to breach the law for their personal gains-and it cannot be more. Could you imagine Bhoe Tewarie saying this: “On principle, our abstention can be defended because PNM transgressed with their principle of the PSC’s process being flawed. But given T&T’s crime situation and the need for a permanent duly-appointed Commissioner, I’d have been more comfortable supporting vote for a Commissioner.” (Gail Alexander, Guardian-August 1, 2018).

Photo : Captain Garry griffith

I guess the word “principle” is only a word in the English language for Bhoe Tewarie to use liberally -parrot-like-without the need of understand its meaning! It means that it is alright that the Constitution can be breached to deny Doolalchan on the one hand and to facilitate Gary Griffith on the other! If that is the ‘principle’ then the Constitution has no merit, no validity. The questions must be asked: Are parliamentarians who make laws now glibly breaking the law? Also, how different are Bhoe Tewarie, Fuad Khan and Ganga Singh from the Dr Keith Rowley and his MPs?

Fuad Khan is political humour. His political theatrics is a repeat of the Gillian Lucky- RamJack era. It was this similar display that Fuad Khan presented in Parliament when Panday was Opposition Leader. Yet, Fuad is able to ‘disguise’ his stand to the unsuspecting. It is time that the political leader and the party arrive at the conclusion that Fuad Khan’s political acumen is trivial, paltry and inconsequential. Keep him there, mamaguy him and pay him back with his own coins. If he can trade foolishness for intelligence, show him that you can return his favour. He belongs to the operating theatre, not the Parliament!

As for Ganga Singh! What is there to say? It is only Kamla who can be fooled by Ganga. It appears that the “pipe” talk on the political platform has so inundated her that she brought him back to the party. I am not challenging Ganga’s efficiency and competence as a Minister of Government. However, as a MP he is the worst in the Commonwealth! Ex-Caroni workers, yet to receive their severance packages, cannot meet Ganga. I want to suggest that these constituents go the Chagauanas Police Station and lodge a ‘missing person’s complaint.’ (Who knows they may be lucky to have Doolalchan launch an investigation).

Photo : Kamla Persad Bissessar

Ganga and Panday were very close in the period 1995-2001 in government. I always envied Ganga for this unique and rare skill to bury the hatchet, make up and move on. While others had to make appointments to meet Panday Ganga had ready access to him. This was a change from the NAR reign, when Ganga was like little David sparing away at Panday, the mighty Goliath. New to the political arena, Ganga Singh was hated by the UNC die hard. But lo and behold, like Chucky, Ganga Singh was back, riding with Kamla and Oma. It was more than political expediency. It was as though Panday was bowled over by Ganga. Winning Panday trust and confidence is a rare feat…it’s like winning a gold medal in the Olympics. And lo and behold, when Panday put down his guard, opportunist Ganga Singh shifted to COP and was, again, thirsting for Panday’s blood.

Coming from the COP, Bhoe Tewarie, was given a safe seat in Caroni Central, heartland territory of the UNC. His background in the NAR and the connivance with Robinson and others to remove Panday was overlooked. Even Panday threw those mishaps behind his back and appointed Bhoe Tewarie Principal of St Augustine Campus, UWI, a magnanimity that many felt was unbecoming of him.

Bhoe Tewarie, Ganga Singh and Fuad Khan are deceitful. While they have not voted for Gary Griffith, they have signalled their intention to have done so. The fact remains that the PNM did not support Deodath Doolalchan on the principle that the process was flawed. Bhoe Tewarie and Ganga Singh presented brilliant arguments why Doolalchan should be appointed. Today these very gentlemen are flaunting the Constitution for political expediency and friendship. What a disgrace!

The UNC supporters should not blame themselves for the behaviour of their deceitful MPs. The blame should fall squarely on the lap of Kamla. Had she consulted with the people in the selection of their candidates I am certain they would have rejected at least two of the three names. It is Kamla’s challenge and it is for her to remove those cancerous tumours in the body politics of the UNC. Whatever it takes..a surgical knives or a  blunt cutlass… she needs to act with urgency.