Guyana’s political crisis is a race; not constitution!

Guyana’s political crisis is a race; not constitution!
Photo : Vassan Ramracha

The vote Charrandass Persaud cast against the Granger government AFC cockroach Indian party is NOT a constitutional matter; it is about Guyana racial construct. APNU is taking the Guyanese population on a constitutional train ride in court to avoid early elections to bring the Granger-led government to an end.

Indians activists and leaders must STOP making this a constitutional matter. It is an African government that believes that it has privilege to claim exclusive ownership of Guyana for Africans. It is a racist behaviour against a PPPC 'Indian' government.

The ex-Prime Minister of Jamaica Mr. Holding suggested that Caricom and the

parties of Guyana should work out a peaceful solutions . Former Prime Minister, Mr. Basdeo Panday, offered a statement that “what happened in Guyana cannot happen in Trinidad.” This came from an experienced politician and lawyer, who offered a cowardly statement.


Why is it that Mr.Golding [ex PM - Jamaica / Mr. Basdeo Panday [ex - PM Trinidad]

cannot call on the Granger APNU government to respect the very constitution their leader Burnham instituted.  Is this not a case of African leaders in Guyana showing that they are incapable of respecting the RULE of LAW?


When President Donald Ramotar lost the questionable election in 2015, his party bowed out peacefully and protested Africans aggressions.


Why must Indian governments and Indian populists be always expected to follow the Rule of Law, but not Africans in both Trinidad / Guyana?


Caricom leaders remained silent during the Burnham era and yet cannot show some civility by demanding the Granger APNU government respect the vote cast against their government according to the constitution.


What is taking place in this debate concerning MP Charrandass’ vote is that the African is making it a Constitution issue and Indians are falling prey to this stupidity.

THIS IS A RACE ISSUE, NOT A CONSTITUTIONAL MATTER. This is ethnic 'war'. It is time Indians chart their own course. Shared government failed in the APNU [PNC/ AFC / WPA, etc] no more unity love.


Vassan  Ramracha. Swami Sawai