Hidden Agenda to check Indian Power and Progress

Hidden Agenda to check Indian Power and Progress

Photo : Sat Maharaj

After the SEA results were announced for this year there were outcries that the system was a failure, that children were being left behind, and that it needed to be replaced. Isn’t this why Common Entrance was replaced?  Is it still the system?  Or, are we failing to address the root cause of why some of the nation’s children are not catching up?

Many people suggested that SEA should repeal the whole idea of grading according to academic merit and make placements according to how students performed generally in life by giving them a GPA based not solely on academia but an all-rounded approach to life and/or a personality assessment. While this might sound like all flowers and candy what is the ulterior motive behind such suggestions to place students according to some new system? Some have even suggested replacing prestigious schools all together.

      The SEA exams have already replaced the Common Entrance Exams. It was the only way to fairly provide a next level education for gifted students who excelled amongst their classmates. Such policy benefitted the nation as it aimed at developing innovators, leaders and critical thinkers in various spheres to facilitate national development.

As the economy of the country grew education became free at all levels, but in the long run produced a nation of people with degrees but no innovation or creativity. This system also placed students with behavioural problems with those who want to learn.  With free education as a right and not a privilege competing for the best schools becomes null and void.

Competition is good; it develops an economy and provides wide choices of goods and services for customers. The same applies to education; we are not producing people who can improve our world. We are now producing a bunch of robots coming off a factory line.  The prestigious school was a guarantee that Trinidad will always have a highly educated class pushing the boundaries of science, politics and other fields of intellectualism. Even this is now being challenged.

     Our society is now lacking people with trade skills. Ever heard people say “can’t get nobody to wuk these days boy.” Trades are also highly respected professions and if done well in collaboration with business can earn incomes as good as any other profession.

Photo : Anthony Garcia

However, what about the ulterior motives? I have suspected for a very long time that such proposed changes were only being constantly made because “too many” Indo Trinidadian were topping the SEA exams.  This can be verified by the direct complaints coming from Black leaders who have been outwardly critical of Indians progress in education.

Indians need to be able to properly respond to people like them. Why is it that Indian people continue to be silent and accept oppression? Why are Indian people in Trinidad so meek?  Indians need to challenge the status quo that is openly trying to fix a system to keep Indians out.

 Opponents of the SEA exams are the same advocates who had brilliant ideas to improve the agriculture. They would only mechanize agriculture to destroy the livelihood of farmers. I am predicting that if UNC began to win 2 to 3 times consecutively, suddenly there would be agitation to revise the electoral constitution and demands for power sharing. The hidden agenda is to check Indian power, progress and if need be curtail fair competition.

Let’s face it, many times the education standard kept lowering as the PNM government kept dropping standards to increase admissions of black children because they felt Indians were filling up places at the universities. They even encouraged teachers’ input on the grading system rather than allowing fair standardized exams. Can you imagine what that means for teachers who will take advantage of a student they personally dislike? It has happened to many people I know.

    The PNM government needs to address the root cause of the problem why Black children are failing rather than plotting to destabilize the whole educational structure only to fail Indians.

     If academic GPA and getting into a good school must include personality assessment and whatever other fields you are taking part in aside from just academia then what is the point of an academic GPA, or academic life? Why do we send the fastest man to run the 100m race in sports? We should send the all-rounded guy to the Olympics regardless if he’s the fastest. In fact, do Indians complain to change the requirements of sports to allow more Indians to compete and get into the Olympics?

It is also true that no system is perfect, whether it’s democracy or the education system. However, we do not have to corrupt a working system for intentionally racist reasons. Lowering education standards will defeat Trinidad and Tobago in the long run. This type of Black Socialism will cause Trinidad and Tobago to collapse. Children must be taught at an early age how to survive in a democratic republican nation with a robust market economy. We need not promote a culture of fascism and economic socialism!

In this desperation to suppress Indians’ progress, the entire country is going down.  No Trinidadian would be innovative and ground breaking with this downward spiral of our education system. Useless statistics on other countries are now being manipulated to justify Black socialist agenda. We must stand up to those bullies!