Photo : Vassan Ramracha

As concerns the ongoing debate by Dr. Claudius Fergus - vs - Dool Hanomansingh on the topic of painting Trinidad black. Dr. Fergus through his letters to Mr. Hanomansingh on the Trinidad express dated Wednesday, December 6 / 18 was also doing some “brotherly love” for Indian people and at the same time giving all credits to his African race in Trinidad for all the social, political and economic advancement of all Trinidadians. Everybody has contributed in some way to raising Trinidad and Tobago, but Indians have certainly done their fair share as well. But we all know the one-way one mind one-track of the Abrahamic colonized mind, they think there is one right answer to every question, so while Indians don’t go around bringing up such black and white debates, it is dangerous for us not to respond. Let’s examine Dr. Fergus’ letter to Mr. Hanomansingh point by point.

Firstly, the great Karl Marx declared the Haitian revolution “the most significant victory in the 20th century” and from this revolution the Africans obtained that political power and leadership on the island. Quoting Karl Marx as evidence of greatness? What was great about the “great Karl Marx” is falling apart, not even China or Russia is praying to Marx anymore and the Haitian revolution was exceptional and unique, but subsequently had nothing to show in the name of modern progress like the American Revolution and its industrial might and democracy. What exactly constitutes Africans leadership in Trinidad? My guess is that the only ethnic group that flourished from their patronage was the top 1% non-Africans and non-Indian population which became the wealthiest and most powerful people in Trinidad. The legacy of African leadership in Trinidad was putting their own people on welfare instead of improving their status. Instead of helping Africans they became obsessed with playing race politics by constantly demonizing Indians as the perpetrators.

Mr. Hanomamsingh as one of the forces of progress in Trinidad, Dr. Claudius Fergus need to know that the African PNM party laid their foundations by creating the first original political apartheid sin in Trinidad and therefore, people like Mr. Hanomansingh evolved to balance the Indian equations in Trinidad in all aspects. May I remind Dr. Fergus it was the so-called African leadership after independence that broke the social contract after we Indians stood with the African people to gain independence. Yet, after the fact, for Trinidad all hands [Indian] was not welcomed on PNM government deck. Ask Kamaluddin Mohammad, Erol Mahabir and Winston Mahabir. It was the Africans leadership after independence that maintained Eurocentric cultures by insisting that the cross must remain the highest award even for Muslims and Hindus. Secondly, if they wanted to provide true decolonized leadership about nationalism and identity they should have returned to the religion of their forefathers, the African religions that they came from. The education systems in Trinidad under African leadership was and to this day remains muted about the Indian narrative and to epic proportions, that of the Hindus. It was in fact the Indians who though not taking too much positions in politics were the ones that showed leadership and detoxification of colonization by their not so pronounced ways in maintaining their culture which is now becoming creolized.

Thirdly, as was suggested by Dr. Fergus that our Hindu gods were African somehow. Our Hindu Gods never spoke Swahili, they only spoke Sanskrit. And while it is true many of the Indian Gods have different colors and attributes, they never spoke any African languages. Not even Idi Amin, former President of Uganda who committed genocide on the Indian population there will buy Dr. Fergus’ nonsense about Africanizing of the Indian Gods. In fact, he should have reminded Idi Amin before he kick Indians out the country and took their properties by force that Krishna’s black skin meant he was African. Krishna like many Hindu Gods had black skin while others had white or brown. It is Hinduism that shows diversity in worshipping gods of all color. However, I assure Dr. Fergus for all his claims of Hindu Gods being African I never saw Swahili in the Hindu scriptures, only the Indo-Aryan language of Sanskrit. He should stop taking his fake news and scholarly research from Facebook, yes I know where he got it from, there were two ridiculous articles circulating claiming every god and major civilization described with having black skin was African including Indus, Shang Dynasty China, Egyptian, Minoans, Mesopotamians, Krishna, Horus, Buddha Olmecs (Native Americans will be enraged as they are tired of telling blacks this is not an African civilization), basically everywhere except deep in the heart of Africa. I guess the rest of us must have arrived on spaceships. It is Hinduism that does not differentiate in skin color such that we worship Gods of all color. He must remember this next time he bows before the white man on the cross who not only enslaved him physically but mentally as well. Christianity was the real bandit of African identity and enslavement. The physical chains came off, but the ideology keeps Africans in chains from their true roots. As for most of his derogatory racist stereotyping comment which apparently only Africans are privileged to say about Indians such as Indians in Trinidad are “chamars” and “dalits” then he should be mindful of mixing his royal Zulu blood with regular coolies. It also shows disrespect and lack of knowledge of Indian culture and Hindu religion, bet he won’t make that mistake with some other religions that won’t give a literary rebuttal.

It’s true that Africans talk about moving away from Eurocentric ways and it awoke some spirit within certain Indians to the point that those Indians wake up to a new Presbyterians God and a black nationalism that encouraged him to a more Afrocentric and socialist way of life. These type of “awakened” Indians were so enlightened they never spoke about the Indian narrative on oppression of our local Indians by Africans in Trinidad, Guyana and Suriname. These well-trained Indians in this new black-centric philosophy only blabbed all kinds of fantasy problems concerning Trinidad but will never ever bring up Indian narratives on Indian problems especially their oppression. Indians who came out of the black experience movement [ black power movement in the 1970s] remain mostly cockroach Indians who hardly spoke against severe Indian oppressions in like the Wissmar Massacre of 3000 of our Indian Guyanese brothers and sisters and the Suriname executions in 2018 by a government who got help being elected by some cockroach Indian votes. Where have Indians burnt black businesses, beat Africans and massacre them in the Caribbean, give me one example? Debate all you want but there is no example of Indians committing the same crimes. Don’t throw stones when you live in glass houses.

Finally, the biggest historical forensic crime stated by Dr. Claudius Fergus is that the Arabs only forced the Indian Muslims to convert and not the Africans and that they were one of the forebears to construct Islam is not telling the whole truth about the Arabs slave trade. Currently there is still African slavery going on in the world and guess who has 10 million Africans as slaves in their country…Arabs. Did you really think one ship of Europeans just showed up and conquered the whole of Africa? Africans were selling Africans on the coast and guess which Africans sold the others? The Arabs and/or converted Muslim Africans sold the pagan Africans because to these African Muslims these were not their brothers, these were unbelievers. CNN aired a special on the enslavement in Libya but there are plenty of documentaries concerning the modern Arab and ancient enslavement of Africans and the legacy of Islam in Africa and it’s not as peachy as Muhammad Ali thinks it is. Islam played a role in enslaving Africans in slavery long before Europeans.

Claudius even spoke on removing the Columbus statues and removing the European names from university hall. He also mentioned that Indians wanted to form their own state south of Caroni called “indesh.” However, Mr. Hanomansingh wisely asked if we continued down this road, when will it stop if we must repaint Trinidad this way? Because if you must repaint Trinidad even for Africans are you going to do away with the Christian names? And if we are going to repaint it will Indians have any input? Can we rename Skinner Park and San Fernando? We need to paint in some saffron too? Will Afro-Trinidadians approve of Chhatrapti Shivaji Maharaj Stadium or Badase Sagan Maharaj Park or will they make a big fuss? Indians must have their time for saffronizations too.

The fact that most Indians were Hindus at the time of the black power movement, living within the parameters of their culture and resisting the colonized Abrahamic scriptures is what should be elevated and admired by the Black race who was and is still struggling for a black identity globally. Today it’s a black government that is against the survival of Hindus along with the cockroach Indians when they should be using Hindu history as a guide to decolonize themselves fully. I won’t call it the white man’s scriptures because the white man is at the bottom of the ladder when it comes to decolonization while everybody else has a head start on the debate. His entire race is suffering the consequences when much of the blame should be appropriated to the Abrahamic scriptures. And what Christianity did to natives in the West, Islam did to Africans, Persians and Indians in the East.

Unless you are Arab you are a product of rape, enslavement, forced conversion and genocide. The horrific killings and rape methodology committed by ISIS is recorded by the Indian and Mughal texts (to brag) and remains an unchanged methodology carried out by terrorists even in modern India. Hinduism should be a beacon of light for indigenous movements and decolonization for its shear survival of the two main predatory Abrahamic religions. It is blacks in Trinidad and Guyana who should thank Hindus for showing them how to maintain an indigenous culture. We came from India refused conversion at the expense of jobs and education and you are still trying to wipe out the people who went through colonization and maintained their culture! You should be grateful to us for showing you a true indigenous movement and being a beacon of light in a heavily colonized world and in the face of colonial brutality truly is. We showed you how to survive colonialism. But Dr. Fergus is just repeating black hatred instilled by black leaders for Indians, especially Hindus. Yet even after all his claims he should be ashamed doing it and parading around with his own extremely colonized name. Tell me which part of Claudius Fergus is African? The Roman part or the Irish? Which part of Claudius Fergus will teach VassaN Ramracha how to keep his indigenous roots? Do you still go on Sundays and worship the white man nailed to a cross? When you stop your black brothers and sisters from doing that then you can judge the Indian Hindus.

Jai Shri Ram!

VassaN Ramracha.