Movies like Avatar, Matrix, Interstellar, Star Wars, Inception and many others are have been heavily influenced by Vedic culture such as the teachings, philosophy and the Vedic sciences found in the Mahabharata and the Ramayana epics. The above movies I listed are make believe stories by Hollywood produced by Walt Disney Studios, Marvel Entertainment and others. Many have been fashioned from Vedic cultures to give an illusions or maya to the western audience to have a sense of the super natural powers like Superman and other heroes or even the mutants like the X-men who can change their form and structure as Lord Vishnu / Shiva  who can change their physical forms or incarnations as the case may be. They come with super powers to defeat evil doers like Rama did against Ravana and the Mahabharat war against the Kaurava clans.

       However, for Hindus our super heroes are not make believe. At least we don’t have to invent an epic to inspire us. We already have them. We have been learning them as children in the temples. We have played at their feet in the mandirs. Our superheroes are real with divine powers in which today the Indian race is sustainable against our present evil doers. Their teachings are real, not made up. The Indian race just has to take substance and directions from our Vedic cultures and truly understand our scriptures like the Ramayana and Mahabharata to know how to respond to our enemies peacefully or otherwise.

     In the movie Avatar, they are colored with blue skin, know how to use the bow and live in the forest like Lord Rama. They evolved to fight against ignorant invaders to preserve their world from destruction as the Lord Vishnu the Preserver comes to aid mankind and the universe. The Matrix Trilogy, where the star Neo becomes almost like an advanced Yogi to defy the laws of an illusory Maya world. The Interstellar movie has to do with Vedic period ideology of transcending time and space in which all human life is connected. Similarly, the movie Inception has to do with the units of time measurements and metaphysical forces. Star Wars, the Force? The force itself is like Brahman whom Yogis go within themselves to find and develop their kinetic powers. Not to mention the obvious, Yoda, the ultimate Yogi.

    Some movies are obvious with their Hindu elements like Avatar, it doesn’t get any clearer while others are more subliminal like the modern superheroes including Superman and even Black Panther. Superman is so much like Hanuman. Superman is here to uphold Dharma basically, he is principled and can move mountains like the original Superman himself of the ancient world, Hanuman. Black Panther while it can be indirectly related to Hinduism in its native and/or pagan roots, it also calls to black people to wake up and return to their own ancestral spirits and gods, same as we Hindus are trying to maintain ours. However, we should eat the roti while it still hot. While Hinduism has survived the colonial world and invasion the suffrage is not over, we must wake up before like our African and European counterparts, we have the dust, memories and wishful thinking to return too. Wake up before our real heroes must be invented to answer deep primordial feelings. Wake up, be Hindus, be strong Vedic Hindus and show Vedic Hindu pride!

    When Christian and Muslims Indian movie goers spend lots of monies to enjoy and buy all these Matrix/Avatar/Superhero toys one must be mindful they are adhering the call to their original and ancestral culture. They should go back to their Hindu Gods and to be respectful of their original vedic heritage.

[source:   The Mysterious India. five Hollywood movies.] 


Peace through Strength, no other way.

Long live the Indo Aryan Race.

Sita Ram,                

Vassan I. Ramracha.