I am for douglarisation

I am for douglarisation

Letter to the Editor

I am for douglarisation; not for marriage or raising children. Indian men should feel free to spread my wild seeds so long us the partner is ready to do business. There should be no responsibility for me to raise the children; that is for the mother and granny to take care of them.

My child mother must care for that child working as a prostitute in a night club, labouring in KFC or CEPEP gang or begging on High Street in San Fernando. She is the mother and she has to show that love for her children. No woman is going to come around asking for money. That is the mistake they making. It would be licks like peas.

 It is o.k that my children don’t go to school or drop out. God will open a way for them.  If they do crime and land in YTC that would be good. They would be in the caring hands of the Prime Minister. They going be to be safe from an environment of crime and would be provided meals, medical care and a bed to rest his head when night come.

 Indian men have to learn from others . He should be breeding multiple women across the country to develop and strong dougla race.Don’t bother too much about education.  Education is not university. Primary and secondary is enough. Education should be fun, like  an outing. Free meals, free transport and free books. Should any teacher have a complaint about the children behaviour that would be the responsibility for the mother and granny. Fathering the child is the biggest contribution!

Yes. I am for douglarization!

Dhandul Pinchalaya

San Juan