ICDN Reporter Meets Bharatpur King

ICDN Reporter Meets Bharatpur King
Sri Pawan Kumar Upadhyay, the national correspondent of ICDN in India, met the Raja (king) of Bharatpur Rao Raja Sri Raghuraj Singh earlier this month at his residence. Although there are no more kingdoms in India, people still fondly use the title in what were former kingdoms or royal principalities to describe the successor to the throne.
Pawan-ji was in Bharatpur on a tracing roots project to help Indo-Caribbeans find their ancestral link. Most Indo-Caribbeans have ancestral links in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Tamil Nadu. However, there are a sprinkling of Indo-Caribbeans whose ancestors came from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madya Pradesh and other states.
Sri Raghuraj Singh assisted Pawan-ji to locate areas (villages) in Baharatpur from where Indo-Caribbeans migrated to overseas territories. Sri Raghuraj-ji was born in Raghunath Niwas, Bharatpur, 26th October 1940. He was educated at Mayo College, Ajmer, St Peter's School, Rajasthan University (BA degree) which is located in Jaipur. He obtained (MA Econ, LLB) from Agra Unievrsity.
Currently, Raja Raghuraj Singh is President of Bharat Krishak Samaj and Hon Wild Life Warden of Keola Deo National Park. He is a keen ornithologist and a member of various birding organizations.
Pawan-ji said Raghuraj-ji was mostly helpful and provided warmth hospitality during a visit to the king’s home. The ICDN reporter acknowledges the assistance of Raja Raghuraj in helping him to find villages from where Indians in the diaspora trace their ancestry.