Photo : Vassan Ramracha

May 30, 2018 marks the 173rd anniversary of the arrival of Indians in Trinidad. The Indian community has made tremendous progress in education and business. However, in the political arena Indians have faulted terribly -too many apologists and fewer polemists. Since 1956 the black-dominated PNM has ruled for 47 of the 62 years.

The question to be asked is: Was independent Trinidad an asset to ex-slaves or ex-indentured servants? Forty-seven years of black rule is another form of colonisation of Indians in Trinidad. In Trinidad today, most Indians do not have control over the development of their own community. They have no control over their local Indian culture.  Our way of life is increasingly being defined and controlled by an African oligarchy with an objective to creolize the Indians. Not surprisingly Kamal Mohammed was told by the African oligarchy that the country was NOT ready for his coolie **s to be Prime Minister.

All the emblems of the country: the constitution, the flag, the anthem,,etc, were determined by the African oligarchy. It is this group that defines what is best for all Trinidadians. Indians have NO say. When Dr Rudranath. Capildeo (DLP leader) signed on with Dr.Eric Williams for an independent Trinidad and Tobago, he never thought that Indians will be dominated by this black hegemonic class for 50 years. I would have to believe that Dr. Capildeo wanted some sort of shared power or decentralization. Countries like Bermuda and the Cayman islands have the benefit of UK’s prosperity and security. We Indians have neither true prosperity nor any ethnic security in an independent Trinidad and Tobago.  In all the Indian communities Africans projects are planted to disrupt the Indian way of life. This is not done just to secure vote but to intentionally disrupt Indian communities and creolize passive pathetic Indians into submission.

Indian way of life is socially and politically  controlled by a Black Oligarchy  that  controls Indians through the Judiciary.  Removing the highest Court of Appeal in the UK  (Privy Council) is a big mistakes the Indo Guyanese made. Indians are a politically weak and foolish people. While the British were colonial rulers those countries have now moved on to more equality and less discrimination while we are continuing to fight a losing battle in the West Indies because 90% of our population are asleep. In this case people like Indians need some outside input into legal affairs or we will come wagging our tails whenever the PNM’s whistle blows.

May 2018 (Indian Heritage Month) Indian must remind Indians that their servitude did NOT expire in 1917. In Trinidad there is a New and Improved Indentured Servitude (NIIS). The Indians (Coolie People) have to work and pay taxes to the African Oligarchy so that they can sustain their lavish lifestyle. The ignorant Lunpen-African vote to keep the 2% - 10%  African and their Syrian masters in power. The Indian leadership that speaks for Indians has NO appropriate response to this ongoing servitude. Trinidadians have a habit to say that Trinidad is a peaceful country because the 35.5% Indians do not respond to black oppressions, nor their unresponsive leaders. Peace is at the expense of the quiet coolie. If we demanded proper justice and equality there would be no peace and things would not be so easy. But we are content with cowardice.

In Trinidad everything is based on race, voting, voter’s banks, projects, gerrymandering boundaries, hiring and firing from jobs, the education system, the armed forces, from the President to the Prime Minister to the highest office of the judiciary and immigration  policies. Any Indian that thinks that race is NOT a factor is living a life of La Vida Loca (crazy life) in Trinidad. These Indians even when they see discrimination will not post anything on Facebook in the hope that it will just go away like the bogey man. That is how Indians respond to problems- they shut down mentally and physically. None of them willing to take a stance and the few figures in Indian history or currently who dare to say something, the first hound dogs to cut them down is another Indian. The Indians who cut down other Indians do so from a position of pure cowardice. They themselves do not know how to respond to blacks or any other political threat. Hence, the easiest way out is to join the stronger opposing force because when you have no  better answer , it is difficult to defend your position.  All we can talk about is the white man. The white man is long gone and is now an imaginary character in places like Trinidad to lay blame on for current oppression. The white man is a scape goat. But it’s easy to name the white oppressor because Indians cannot call out their real oppressors they will have to stand and do it alone and they cannot do it. They can’t even do it in America, Canada and England because they are still relying on either the white man to fight for them or the African American, Latinos and others to do it for them. So on this Indian arrival day let’s remember where we put our spine. Indians are a spineless race. They never had a proper revolution and will continue to bow until they do.

When Indian activists address race problems affecting Indians in Trinidad cockroach/hound dog Indians will make remarks like this “this is Trinidad and we all Trinidadian if you want to be Indian go to India and see how you will be treated like shit.” I guess the British could have said that for all Trinidadians who were fighting for independence …”go back to Africa or India and eat shit.” Indians in Trinidad should keep quiet and rollover when faced with Africanized discrimination or should the Indians do like African Americans and stand their ground. Citizen rights are not given by a constitutions written on toilet paper; it must be fought and won.

Can fellow cockroach Indians answer this questions - What if Trinidad was ruled by Indians for 50 years, would the Africans just roll over? Can cockroach Indians respond to the defence for the firing of Indians lecturers like Dr. Kumar Mahabir and others? And how about HDC housings at  Real Spirng, Valsayn?   How do you explain 100%  of the houses going to Africans in a country where Indians are the largest ethnic group?

It is imperative that Indians stand up for their rights if they have to continue living in this country that their forefathers blood, sweat and tears have built.