Indian Qawwali troupe enthralls Trinidad audience

Indian Qawwali troupe enthralls Trinidad audience

Port-of-Spain: Indian High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago, Shri Bishwadip Dey has hailed India as, “a melting pot, a land of diversity”.

He underlined this point at the National Council of Indian Culture(NCIC) Divali Nagar platform over the weekend  where Ustad Shahid Niazi and his Qawwali  Group, New Delhi,India gave their last of three performances to packed halls. The project is a joint effort of the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts, Government of Trinidad and Tobago. The Troupe also performed at the Preysal Community Centre and the Easaramme Sathya Sai Centre, Penal.

At the performance, Mr. Tej Ramlogan, Director of Culture, underlined the importance of cultural diversity among nations of the world, singling out India as a leader in this regard.

Dey pointed out that through the Ministry, the Indian High Commission has been able to bring a number of cultural groups from India, showcasing the diverse cultures from various parts of India, such as bhangra from Punjab, folk dances from north-eastern Manipur and devotional music, among several others

“The diversity of traditions, languages, cultures, cuisines and religions are celebrated, as we believe that our greatest asset and strength is our diverse cultural heritage. It is rightly said that India demonstrates unity in diversity,” Dey said.

The symphony of poetry, instruments and melodious singing, all come together in perform harmony as, Qawwali transports you into a mystical and spiritual state. The poetic repertoires are often based on the universal principals of love and peace, he noted

Qawwali traces its origins in the early 13th century through the fusion of Indian, Persian, Turkish and Arabic musical traditions .”Today, this genre of music is widely popular and is a key element in the diverse composition of Indian music.”

He hailed the vibrancy and authenticity of Indian culture  that is flourishing  in the beautiful  islands of Trinidad and Tobago, commending pioneering organizations such as the NCIC   for preserving and promoting Indian culture within the local Indian diaspora.

Dey said that culture carries the weight of civilizations as it is that string that binds billions of us together, despite our geographic distances. “The Government of India and, by extension the High Commission of India, focuses on culture as the platform to provide you an insight into Authentic India through our various educational and cultural programmes and scholarships.”

He urged the youths of Trinidad and Tobago, the future of the nation, to avail themselves to  several academic and cultural  training facilities offered by the Government of India.

Public Relations Officer of the NCIC, Surujdeo Mangaroo, said that the NCIC was overly elated to host the troupe, adding that, ”the performances thrilled the audiences at the three shows, and certainly this was a way , “to further enhance the vibrant and enthusiastic relations between India, and Trinidad and Tobago.”

Members of the Troupe are: Ustad Shahid Niyazi, leader; Sami Niyazi, Majid Niyazi, Mukarram Niyazi, Ustad Raees Niyazi, Hamid Niyazi, Shahnawaz Niyazi and Zubair Niyazi, all of whom contributed in performing Bollywood and Sufi Qawwali.