Photo : Vassan Ramracha

It bothers me how Indian activists and writers do not hold Indians accountable for selling Indians to their African opponents, especially in the political arena. Who owns the political power ends up setting the agenda for everyone, which gives Africans the advantage.

In Guyana/Trinidad many Indian writers focus on what the black man is doing to Indians. But nothing is heard about when many intelligent and powerful Indians sell out their brethren or the common working Indians.

Let me use as an example William Ellison. Ellison was a former black or African-American slave owner, who practiced slavery from 1830 to 1865 in Sumter County, South Carolina. Ramjattan and Nagamootoo play a similar role in the suppression of their own Indian people in Guyana/Trinidad.

The repugnant role that Ellison played in slavery in America has its parallel by Ramjattan and Nagamootoo. The treatment that Charrandass received during the vote of ‘No Confidence’ in the Guyanese parliament is the height of treachery by Indian supporters of the PNC/APNU.  These Africanized Indian KKK will whatever has to be done to keep the Indian race from being elected to the highest political offices, in order to maintain their economic and social privileges. These cockroach Indians will support violence to suppress Indians. Cockroach Indians are dependent on their Afro-Guyanese bosses to maintain their easy lifestyle. In psychology, this kind of behavior is a form of Operant Conditioning, whereby Cockroach Indians are rewarded for their loyalty to their black masters or punished when they are not sufficiently obedient.

It is important for Indian activists and writers to put the Cockroach Indians on a ‘Pig List.’ These sellout Indians have done more harm to Indians than others. These Cockroach Indians should be ostracized from the Indian community.

Vassan Ramracha/Sawai Swami Vaskananda.