Indians urged to increase their numbers

Indians urged to increase their numbers

Photo : Vassan Ramracha

Some time ago a documentary aired on TV which grabbed my attention; the decline of the ethnic Zoroastrian population. Zoroastrianism was the religion of Persia during the ancient world before the advent of Islam, after which they fled to India and now only around a hundred thousand are left. Most of the Zoroastrians have small families and are quite restricted by their faith and customs from intermarriages. The TATA group of companies in India is owned by an ethnic Zoroastrian and according to this documentary this family is spending millions of dollars to encourage ethnic Zoroastrian families to multiply heavily and have lots of children. This is to increase their declining population in India. The TATA tycoon Ratan Nava Tata is willing to finance Zoroastrian families with most of their bills.

     In India most other ethnic Indians as Hindus, Sikhs, Jains etc. do not see this as racism but, as the necessary steps being taken by the Zoroastrian people in order to save their Zoroastrian race. In Trinidad and Guyana where the Indian race is on the decline for whatever reasons and the rise of mixed race people is already one third of Trinidad’s population, this can affect the Indian electoral system and consequently cause a domino effect in nation  Indian culture. Most Indian business people and the middle class Indians should mimic the initiatives of the Tata family to improve and increase the population of the Indian race in Guyana, Surinam and Trinidad. It is imperative that middle class Indians have as many children as possible to increase the Indian electoral votes drastically for the small fact that in a democracy one vote can decide the victor. There can be dire consequences and repeats in history that can be avoided given the headways we’ve made as an ethnic group already. Political power is protection for the Indian race, culture, family, properties and businesses.  Those who have the resources to propagate responsibly should do so.

 Dhanyavaad [ thanks ]

Vassan Ramracha.