Investigation of a crime must follow clear procedures outlined in law

Investigation of a crime must follow clear procedures outlined in law
Photo : Anand Ramlogan

I went by my friend Ramesh and he began to complain about his cousin who built a shed too close to the road and that “would be difficult for a truck bringing material to his house to turn.” Ramesh continued complaining about his brother and “his son playing music since morning.” It was clear to me that Ramesh had his small battles to fight and I should not bore him with the arrest of Anand Ramlogan and Gerard Ramdeen.

Only last week Imtiaz came to me to sign a document for him to get a firearm’s license. His grievance was “my neighbors don’t like me.” He continued: “I am not going to shoot any innocent people but if anyone enters my yard, he dead.”

Steel pan and calypso are social tranquilizers that keep a population immune to the evils around them. The absence of a vision beyond our personal wellbeing has us where we are today. So many of our contractors, business houses and professionals ignore the evils of a government because of their dependence on the State for welfare.

The removal of the Senate and the militarization of the State was the major reason why the Roman Empire was dismantled. Diplomacy, law and order and other offices in a civilized society were thrown out of the widow as Caesar took power.

CoP Garry Griffith, a former member of the military as head of the police, compromises policing in this country. Crime is not solved by armed conflicts but by addressing social issues. Any investigation of a crime has to follow clear procedure outlined in law.

Photo : COP Gary Griffith

It appears that under this CoP there is no need to have evidence to arrest a citizen. Anyone can make spurious allegations and that is enough for CoP to spring into action. Is this not what was done in the recent arrest of Anand Ramlogan and Gerard Ramdeen?  After keeping them in custody for fourteen hours, no charges were laid. Interestingly, State witness Vincent Nelson QC, was charged only after the arrest of Ramlogan and Ramdeen.

It is not only the CoP that is acting like a military police but also the Speaker of the House, Brigid Anissette -George.  Her removal of Barry Padarath, MP for Princes Town from the Lower House for the day, is a clear indication of the readiness of this Rowley administration to subvert justice. With so many families across districts without water any woman would have given way to an MP to voice the grievances of his constituents.  Not this Goerge!

I need not rule out the role of mainstream media in this continuous undermining of the fundamental rights and freedoms of the people. Most of the reporters are known to be partly connected with the ruling party and are silent on many issues. In most instances, the Opposition’s criticisms of government’s policies are not highlighted in the media.

With the ongoing political crisis in Venezuela, our borders are very porous. Drugs, ammunition and illegal migrants continue to pour into the country. The recent discovery of cocaine in a ship would just be pushed aside, never to be heard again. The media simply kills many damning issues against the government and the ruling elite.

I remember a gentleman remarked to me: “Tell you good friend to shut his mouth before they lock him up.” He was making reference to a fired lecturer at UTT who was protesting his illegal firing by the UTT administration.

Now that Indian Arrival Day (Month of May) is upon us we would hear much talk about the seeds and animals brought by our ancestors and the social conditions under which they lived and worked. Nothing would be said about government policies for agriculture or the disparity in funding by the State for Indian culture.

San Fernando West is the embodiment of a culture of sycophancy.  Many families have done well playing into to the hands of the PNM for their survival. Some have been humiliated but have chosen to let bygone be bygone and have returned to Balishier House.

But a nightmare is unfolding. The closure of Petrotrin is turning San Fernando and Marabella into ghost towns. The future is grim. It is not only the line in Marabella and Embackadere that are knocking at the gates. New reinforcements are being brought to increase the PNM voter bank. In 2020 San Fernando West is going to be a safe marginal for the PNM. The political currency of the Seukerans, Sinanans and other families are on the decline.  They were Manning’s friends. Rowley doesn’t have any friend in San Fernando West. His friend is Rohan and Avinash, Clarence and Terrance. Rowley is making it clear that more than four is a crowd! Time up for San Fernando West!