Invite Sat or Sadro to speak at UWI-ROYTEC

Invite Sat or Sadro to speak at UWI-ROYTEC

December 8th 2017

 The Editor,

 Invite Sat or Sadro to speak at UWI-ROYTEC

In a time of economic cost-cutting in Trinidad and Tobago, one cannot miss seeing the expensive full-colour, two-page spread in all the daily newspapers publicizing the UWI-ROYTEC graduation ceremony.

The ceremony was held at UWI in St. Augustine on November 16, 2017.

What is also eye-catching is the composite photo which highlighted the feature speaker of the ceremony, David Muhammad.

Muhammad is the coordinator of the “Black Agenda Project” and the zealous follower of the Nation of Islam.

The Nation of Islam teaches that intermarriage and race-mixing should be forbidden. This is Point 10 of the official platform of its 1965 publication entitled, “What the Muslims Want.”

Observers have described it as being anti-White and a black supremacist organisation. The Southern Poverty Law Centre in the USA has pronounced the “Nation of Islam” as a hate group.

 UWI-ROYTEC also seems to be anti-Indian. The composite photo consists of the following: 

Dr Lovell Francis, Minister in the Ministry of Education; Wendy Augustus, Executive Director, UWI-ROYTEC; Professor Brian Copeland, Principal and Pro Vice Chancellor, the UWI, St. Augustine; David Muhammad, feature speaker; Dr Daniel Coleman, Assistant Vice-President (Academia), University of New Brunswick; and Winda Lewis, valedictorian.

There was not even a token Indian for window-dressing.

I hope UWI-ROYTEC would also invite Sat Maharaj or Sadro Mohammed to be the feature speaker next year to show that it is not biased in favour of black advocates.


Fatimah Mohammed,

Chin Chin Road,

Cunupia, Trinidad

 Cell phone 309-7906