Is Demand for Reparation by blacks going to be dropped with Meghan now part of the British Royal Family?

Is Demand for Reparation by blacks going to be dropped with Meghan now part of the British Royal Family?

Photo : Vassan Ramracha

What a fairy tale wedding the marriage between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has been. This is a wish come through for both parties. Mostly people on a global scale was happy for this couple and I must say and I agreed with Rev. Curry who was one of the preachers who spoke  at the Royal wedding. Love indeed conquers all. Love is the nuclear weapon that unites humankind to live in peace.

 I have no doubt the Duchess of Sussex Meghan will be a unique  ambassador for peace and good will for all nations. Good luck to the Princess. Love is however strong like a nuclear weapon that has consequences. It can explode for the right or wrong reasons depending on one's ability to deal with its ups and downs. But I do believe Meghan can handle it because of her American background. Meghan Markle cannot escape that she married into the Royal British institutions that represents bitter/ sweet times of colonial and 700 years of slavery. In today's atmosphere within the African Diaspora and by most Caribbean Nations and organizations like Guyana's African Cultural & Development Association[ ACDA ] such states and organizations are demanding reparations and an apology from the British Crown of which Meghan Markle is now part. That will place Meghan in a very precarious position.

 When an outsider marries into the Royal British family it’s expected that Meghan will have to follow in the shadow of the Queen and her Royal family keeping her lips some what closed. And for this particular reason why the Pakistani doctor  Hashmat Khan ( CCN aired  5/ 19 / 18 ) and his family refused to marry Princess Diana after a divorce with Prince Charles. Doctor Hashmat Khan and his family thinking logically that marrying Diana will have dire consequences living in the shadow of British Royalty. Obviously we witnessed Africans globally celebrating Meghan's marriage into the British Royal family , and the Queen breaking all traditions of royal ethics  (Princess Diana must be virgin , King Edwards V111 's  abdication, Princess Margaret forfeiting her rights to marry a divorcee) and Africans rejoicing they have now reached  the promised Land!  Are Africans now willing like the Queen and British Royalty to break traditions in their demand for reparations and forgive the ugly time of British colonization and slavery all in the name of one love?  And is the Queen formulating a new plan with the marriage of Markle in the British Royal Family to re-colonize Africa and African minds.

What's the true answer?

My sincere sympathy to Dr. Morgan Job family.


Vassan Ramracha.