Photo : Carolyn-Seepersad Bachan

It is said that you can take a man out of the gutter but you cannot take the gutter out of the man. I guess it takes more than dressing with jacket and tie, eating with knife and fork and observing table etiquette to make a man. I say this in light of email exchanges that was in the public domain between two gentlemen of some repute. I felt deeply saddened that educated and esteemed members of our community who are anointed with the spirit of the Anglo-Saxon civilization should descend to such low.

But did the British or the Canadian Mission truly civilize us? Research is now revealing that the British ripped off more than 45 trillion dollars from India. It was not the industrial revolution that made the UK a super power. It was plain thiefing! Stealing the wealth of India was responsible for the rise of Britain as a world power. Immediately following its lost of India in 1947, the British fortune started declining. Today Britain is in a mess. Not only is Brexit in shambles; the threats posed by its immigrant population is real.

The British did not make man of men! Their intention had always been to make them tinsel Britishers. In India the British embraced the Muslims and created that great nation called Pakistan. It was the British machination that accentuated the division between Hindus and Muslims that ultimately resulted in partition.

In the case of Trinidad, the British succeeded in fashioning a chamcha class to act as a conduit between the masses and the ruling elite. To this objective John Morton was granted permission to evangelize among the Indians.   Naparima College became the main hub for this evangelism. Its objective was to replicate the Macaulayan spirit-to make Indian brown Englishmen, white in thinking and mannerism but brown in skin.

The socio-cultural outlook of Naparima has been reflected in the politics of San Fernando West. These acculturated or civilized Macaulayites distanced themselves from the flood plains of the Caroni and the Oropouche flood plains to sit in the corridors of power. Leading families were engrossed in the god-like image of the leadership of the PNM.

Red Spot sponsored political campaign of the PNM. The soda choices of voters were heavily influenced by the politics of the day so much so that disenchanted PNM supporters made it clear to the shopkeepers that “I want no Solo, is Red Spot I drinking.” Solo continues to be viewed as a “coolie” company by many in this country.

Deoraj Seunarine, aka Abracadabra, was transferred to Naparima Teachers’ College from Port of Spain Government Teachers’ College in 1964. When he reported at Naparima the principal, Samuel Meighlal said to him “What you come here for? To do pooja!” Suenarine said: “I felt bad. I bent my head in shame.” Seunarine took the liberty to invite Dr B. Bhattacharya, Principal of Gandhi Tagore College of San Fernando, to speak on Indian civilization. “Bhattacharya did an excellent job but my principal was not happy,” said Deoraj. Despite this prejudice, when final results for Religious Studies was released Seunarine stood first.

So, when these two products of the Canadian Mission were exchanging emails their vocabulary was as follow: asshole, filth, coolies, trash. fowl-pen, dog shit, nasty mouth, shit in mouth coolie, chimp, etc.

A few still view Kamla as inappropriate to lead the UNC. And why? She is not a product of Naparima. She was not anointed by the Macaulay spirit. They would prefer the likes of Ramesh Maharaj, Winston Dookeran and Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan. And Anand Ramlogan? No! No! He is too corrupt!

Colonial education is the major threat to non-European civilization. Through this medium the British has been successful in molding and shaping that Macaulayan class. It is this minion class that is the biggest threat to Indian society, not ISIS. Anything resembling Hindu is labelled as backward and derelict. Who is appropriate to rule India must not be determined by the electorate of India but by the Time Magazine, Fox News and BBC. These media institutions think for the Macaulayites.

The British colonial education never intended to educate anyone. Its education trust was to produce servants for the empire which amounts to regurgitating the lines drafted in Washington and London. Thus, explains the gutter language of those great grand children of John Morton. The expression that education liberates the mind is not a sutra. It depends on the content of the curriculum and the intended outcome. British education never aimed at developing the mind of the individual but to make him obedient servant of the empire. The filth that is lodged in our subconscious were never dealt with but sugar coated and suppressed. However, it was always there simmering, waiting for the right opportunity to explode. And explode it did. It was SHIT! SHIT! And more SHIT!