Living the Dream

Living the Dream

Photo : Motilal Boodoosingh

KAL KAHANI- Stories of Yesteryear written by Motilal Boodoosingh captures life in a typical rural village of the 1960s and 70s. His characters are those men and women we used to know who made the old days and ways full of unforgettably, fond memories.

A first publication by the author, the stories have been lodged in his heart of many years before coming to life in 209 pages, adding significantly to the local literary repertoire.

Boodoosingh of Lachoos Road, Penal nurtured the passion for storytelling from a tender age.

He said, "I have always loved to write. I used to scribble down stories in scraps of paper with the hope of seeing it published in a book of short stories."

He said that his hunting ground for the story was in the rum shop.

'You hear all kinds of great stories in the rum shops and I wanted to carry them outside to the reading public to capture the essence of the people," he said.

And it was there in the theatre of the uninhibited, he practiced his storytelling.

Scheduled for a May 5th launch at NALIS in Debe, the book contains 20 short stories and is priced reasonably at $100 with limited copies.

Boodoosingh, aged 67, is a retired offshore production worker who at retirement became a literature student at the University of the West Indies just to make his childhood dream come true. He received a BA in Literature and Communications as well as a Certificate in the Teaching of Reading. He has become a familiar sight at the library in Debe where he leads the South Chapter of Poetry and Prose. The group meets every second Saturday of the month from 1-4pm.

Staying close to his roots and culture, the father of four has been making his contribution to culture as well. Members of the Penal Police Youth Club practice music and dance at his home and Boodoosingh is also actively involved in temple activities at the nearby Sou Sou Lands Hindu Mandir.

He said, “I have written down a lot of stories and want to publish in books to leave behind so that tomorrow’s children will know how we lived.”

He has had his struggles with the publication and came close to despair fearing his work would never be published during his lifetime.

“I felt that I might die before I see my book in print,” he said.

Kal Kahani has been well received so far.

“I feel very happy that people love and appreciate my work,” Boodoosingh said.

A father of four, he lives with his wife Savitri who encourages him to further realize his dreams.

Boodoosingh’s writing style bears a close resemblance to the work of the late Ashram Maharaj whose "Kahani Village" and "Green Card Dulahin" which did very well on the market before the writer's  passing.