Mandir celebrated Ram Janam with Tai Kun Do

Mandir celebrated Ram Janam with Tai Kun Do
Photo : Kareena and Karishma are hugged by Master Bruce.

Last Saturday the Bamboo No 1 Mandir celebrated Ram Janam or birth anniversary of SRI RAMA, Prince of Ayodhya, with a demonstration of Tai Kun Do, magic, skit and comedy.

Traditionally, temples celebrated the occasion with readings from the Ramayan, and the symbolic “jhule palna” or rocking of the hammock, singing of bhajans and chanting of mantras. “We want to attract the youths, especially the kids,” said Wayne Lalchan, President of the Bamboo Grove Settlemet No 1 Mandir.

Photo : Kenneth Seepersad has the full attention of the audience.

Starting 5p.m in the program featured magic by Hugo del Rio, comedy by Kenneth Seepersad, a skit featuring Dinesh Maharaj and a display of self-defense from Master Leeroy Bruce and students of the Silver Dragon Tai Kun Do or Institute of Discipline Foundation. The program was chaired by Dinesh Maharaj.

“We want to put the needs of the children first. Children are in holidays and the Committee agreed to provide them with a treat and there is nothing better than magic, comedy and physical fitness,” said Wayne Lalchan, President of the Bamboo No 1 Mandir.

Polori, pakhorah, corn soup, sweet bread and soft drinks were priced at $1.00. “This is a treat for the kids. It is their day to enjoy themselves,” said Anil Mangroo, an Executive Member of the mandir. “We are about giving to the kids.

Ryan Rattan and his wife, Julie, brought their twin daughters, Karishma and Kareena. Being under five, the children were not charged. “I enjoy it very much. We are looking forward to the next magic show,” said Julie.

Photo : Students of Tai Kun Do Institute Perform demo st Mandir.

When Master Bruce did his presentation there was pin-dropped silence. The youths and their parents had their eyes glued to the performance. It was innovative and a first time for many. “The deities to the background provided a beautiful setting,” said Master Bruce and expressed his readiness to start a class.

Dinesh Maharaj, an actor, wants to engage the youths in drama. “I was enthralled by the enthusiasm and the keen participation of the children,” said Dinesh. “Children must see themselves on stage and film. It is a necessary ingredient to build self-confidence.”

“We are happy to have the kids out with us. We want them to associate the mandir with fun and laughter, said Wayne. “In this way they would want to come to the mandir.”

Wayne continued: “Our temples must become centers of learning. Recently we started a music class. It is held on Mondays between 5-7p.m. The tutor is Rajan Seemungal. Students can learn to play any musical instrument of their choice.”

For further info on the Bamboo No Mandir and its activities you may contact the following: Wayne Lalchan (773-8775) or Anil (773-5069).

If you are interested in Martial Arts you can contact The Silver Dragon Tai Kun Do or Institute of Discipline at: 657-5620/647-3885/771-8338 or or