Miracle Cow in Barrackpore

Miracle Cow in Barrackpore

Photo : Arjune Teeluck caresses a calf

Village farmer, Ashbar Ali, was making his usual round in the afternoon to tend to his cow. He could not believe his eyes when he saw three young calves fighting to suckle their mother's breast! 

Ali was speechless. It took him several minutes to regain his composure.

He then shouted to his wife, "Maria, Maria come quick."

Maria thinking something has happened to him rushed from the house 50 metres or so to where Shiny, the cow stood. 

"Oh God, this cattle make three young one, boy," she said.

They were both silent for a long time.

The calves were like clones having an uncanny resemblance to the mother.

Being a typical rural community the message spread like wildfire, one telling the other.

People from both near and far flocked to see the animals inclusive of Ministry of Agriculture officials, other prominent citizens and the local media.

They came to see this miracle first hand.

Veterinarian, Dr. Glen Ramadharsingh, said that this is no doubt a miracle as it lends credence to the Hindu ritual of cow worship.

During the time of intense visits, the family felt glorified but humbled. Several persons had expressed interest in purchasing the cow with her calves. One villager said if he had the opportunity to own the cows, he would establish a gowshala- a shelter for the mother and her calves for the rest of their natural life.

Ali expressed concerned that most people have abandoned cattle rearing as a vocation.

"Long ago, those who reared cows did it out of love for the animals. Today, we have mainly large farms where cows are reared purely as a commercial venture.

Ashbar and Maria claimed to have been specially blessed through this miracle. 

Several villagers hurried to give Ma (Phool Jankie) the ground breaking news. On hearing that a cow has given birth to three female called Ma Jankie promptly summoned me Ariti.

She said, “Allyuh muss go an tek out a pityah ah the cow and the young one dem. Alyuh muss frame the picture an put it in the temple, dis is a sign from Krishen”. 

Ashbar Ali and his wife Maria are long standing village farmers. Ashbar’s father reared cows all his adult life. Though Muslims, they never sold their cows to butchers for slaughter, some were sold to other farmers and to persons wanting to perform the Hindu ritual known as ‘gow-daan’. 

Hindu shared the view that because the family had respected the Hindu tradition of honoring the cow, the son received this amazing miracle.

When the cow was born, he named her Shiny because her hide glowed with a shiny hue. 

Said Ashbar,"This must be a miracle from Mother Lakshmi."

On this auspicious day and in the days following, villagers continue to drop by for a visit with Shiny and her three calves at the Ali's residence where the mother grazes to feed her three young ones. Her milk is reserved for her calves.