Motherhood plays an integral role in family life

Motherhood plays an integral role in family life

Photo : Paras Ramoutar

As Trinidad and Tobago joins the world in the celebration of Mother’s Day 2018, we in this nation must seek to redefine the concept of motherhood.

Motherhood as we know it contains the exclusive feminine values of thoughtfulness. Intuition,  patience,  compassion and empathy, all of which have been wrongly labeled as soft virtues in contrast to the tough and strident virtues of heroism, courage, swiftness, aggression and violence.

In our Trinidad and Tobago, mothers have been playing a pivotal part in home-making, profession and taking care of the children, which should not be the exclusive purview of women. Our men folks must continue, in case they did not, start the trek to playing the leadership role.

Our continuous flow of crime, violence, abuse and the network of anti-social behavior  in our homes, in our communities, and by extension our civilization need to be reworked and revalidated if our society is to become a peaceful and fruitful one.

Mothers have played very, very strong roles in the enhancement and promotion of family life and human values. In the Hindu tradition, motherhood is intertwined with the male principle. Lord Shiva and everything in the universe originates from this synthesis as the two are inseparable. In the Christian tradition, the Mother of Jesus, Mary known as the Virgin Mary, symbolizes faithfulness, devotion, humility and purity. The Holy Quaran enunciates that waves are the garment for husbands and vice-versa.

Motherhood is an integral part in the home and wherever else she is present. And whilst, we pay great tribute and reverence and devotion to our mothers on Mother’s Day, this must not be a one-off display of love. We have to continue to show respect to our mothers at all times and when this is done, they would more than likely reciprocate.

In today’s socio-economic and cultural decay, it is incumbent upon all stakeholders-fathers included- must play their part in keeping the families together, as one piece as failure to undertake this initiative would lead to disaster in our homes and society. Crimes are committed in the bedrooms of our nation, and from there they spill over to the streets.

This nation has had enough, more than enough, blood flowing on our streets, and let us use Mother’s Day to reclaim our families and society as a complete whole. Failure to accept and apply this call would lead us into the abyss of no return. Mothers and fathers must take their assignment with zeal, enthusiasm and fortitude as this is the least we can ask on Mother’s Day 2018.

Let the peace, tranquility, love and forgiveness which emblazoned on our mother’s breastplate find a new renaissance for all. Do it now, or face the peril of the future—a future in which we all will be able to stand up or build a new society. That is our Mother’s role, and that is where we must join with her in this noble and inspiring cause.